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AX2 Frenzy the most affordable PC Tablet GPS, Bluetooth and 3G built-in


The catchy frenzy . AX2 Frenzy suits the active persons which are always on the lookout for news and of course, on the move. You get a super connectivity through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS, doubled by a performing processor, Cortex-A9, which ensures the fluidity of all processes.

Because you are always on the move, you need a gadget that can keep up with you. Enjoy the Dual Core Cortex-A9 processor.

Now you too can create a hotspot from your PC tablet for your devices and those of your friends.



Make your preferences and opinion public through social media and keep up with the latest news posted by your friends.


From the Gameloft Live application and the preinstalled application store you have the possibility to download various games which will introduce you into their world.




Rappidly transfer to your friends your favourite songs and funny pictures from your PC Tablet. Connect a bluetooth headset, call your friends and invite them to a walk in the city.




Because you are unique, your PC Tablet will be special and suited for you through the apps you will install and the customization you will apply to it.


AX2 Frenzy
Price: 129 Euro

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