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A4All – the smartphone for every person


A4All is addressed especially to those persons who want to enjoy the facilities of a smartphone at an affordable price. This device has a Cortex-A9 processor, a 3.5-inch display, an ergonomic design and the back case has a rubbery texture, pleasant to the touch. In addition it has GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and the generous battery of 1500mAH ensures a talking time of up to 300 minutes



As little as it is unique. This smartphone can be adjusted to your mood through it’s numerous themes as well as through the cases of different colors that you can buy from the Allview shop. Therefore, if you feel euphoric, you can use the yellow casing, if you find yourself in a meditative state choose the blue cover and if you want to display a more serious and professional image, you can choose the shades of white or black.

Forget about the boredom from the train or bus because through the Gameloft Live app, you can download a variety of games. Live the adventure through Shark Dash or experience the joy of having your own animals through Wonder Zoo.




When you talk to your loved ones, you can see them as if they were next to you through Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Tell them, show them and allow them to live with you all the important events in your life.




For you music lovers, A4All is the ideal partner. Live rock ballads, dance languorously on latin rhythms or relax on the sounds of jazz music through the FM radio.


Price: 99 Euro