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Multiling plugin for romanian
Keyboard . Easy . Powerfull . All-in-OneBased on Android 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard with tons of extra featuresMulti-purpose Multi-lingual keyboard (IME).Send me a tweet @HanWriting or email for bugs, s..
Keyboard . Easy . Powerfull . All-in-One Multi-purpose Multi-lingual keyboard (IME).Send me a tweet @HanWriting or email for bugs, suggestions etc. Let me know if you want me to add you to Google p..
ES Task Manager
Save Battery,Free Memory,Kill Task,Uninstall App,Speed up the tablet..
ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer for Android is a free, featured all-in-one file manager & application manager & task killer & dropbox client & ftp client which explores your tablet. It allows android..
Fraza zilei
The application that makes you feel good every day with fun phrases and spiritual at the same time. The application can be downloaded free from the store Store Aply Allview applications...
H2 Qubo + Smart 2 View
Price: 169 Euro