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Allbook Q
Allbook Q Allbook Q Allbook Q Allbook Q Allbook Q


Allbook Q is the first notebook with a Qualcomm processor, available in Romania, created especially to give you the power and the necessary tools for an enviable performance. Mobility and connectivity have new meanings, due to the capacities of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The device incorporates the advantages of a tablet and the performances of a laptop, thus being a trustworthy partner, whether you are at the office or in long trips.

Allbook Q
Allbook Q

And you don’t have
to take our word for it.

Allbook Q

Following a comparative test, made by a landmark site from the industry*, which analyzed the performance indicators, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which is also found on Allbook Q, was, by far, the best at CPU and GPU speed, at the size of the semiconductor, at connectivity and others.

* *For the full analysis, please visit

Elegant and light

Allbook Q
Allbook Q

With a compact design and a weight perfectly adapted to your current needs, Allbook Q brings a new level of mobility, anywhere. Extremely light, the laptop weighs only 1.27 kg and is 15.1mm thick. It comes equipped with a metal case which offers resistance and durability, making it, at the same time, easy to transport.

Slim edges.
Bigger display.

The 13.3” FHD display offers a 178O wide-angle viewing experience. The narrow frame is as functional as it is elegant; by reducing the size of the frame, the size of the display increases, without also increasing the size of the case.

Allbook Q

14h*Allbook Q

Concentrate on what you are doing,
not on finding a power source

Allbook Q

Extended autonomy

For those who have a lot of projects, are always on the move and cannot afford to depend on an outlet, Allbook Q is the perfect solution. The battery autonomy of up to 14 hours offers freedom of movement, which is so necessary nowadays.

processing speed

Due to the high processing speed, Allbook Q is the technological partner that will not disappoint. The device offers astounding reaction speed, similar to smartphones, which grants quick access to video conferences, super browsing and limitless talking hours. From now on, any project will be possible due to the Allbook Q notebook efficiency.

Allbook Q

Continuous connectivity

Being constantly connected fully represents the modernist era. Because of the integration of the 4G LTE technology, now you can have the best computerized experience. Allbook Q allows you to connect to the Internet anywhere you want. Say goodbye to paying for hotel, airport or conference center networks, to the unsecure Wi-Fi access points and to the tethering connection that drains your smartphone’s battery. Moreover, Gigabyte LTE promises downloading speeds of up to 1Gbps – from three to seven times faster than the general broadband speeds.

Connectivity of a smartphone and power of a computer.

Allbook Q
Allbook Q

Allbook Q

The familiar
Windows experience

Mobility and performance do not exclude each other. Windows 10 Home comes with a great variety of apps, so you can create, collaborate and share from anywhere. They’re all here: a new Start Menu, an Action center and a Files center; plus, new features like the Battery Saver, Windows Hello and Cortana – a complete version of the digital assistant, which was previously exclusive for Windows phones. Use your favourite apps, loose yourself in immersive entertainment and remain productive all day on Windows.

Allbook Q

SMART entrepreneurship

Beat your competition by working SMART, not hard. With the 4G LTE technology, a battery that lasts and a slim and light design, your team stays connected and productive, anywhere and anytime. Take your laptop that not only promises, but also delivers a real performance and an extended autonomy.

Allbook Q


Allbook Q Allbook Q Allbook Q Allbook Q Allbook Q Allbook Q
Allbook Q Allbook Q