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Always on the run, trying not to lose anything from sight? Sounds familiar? Is this your everyday rhythm? Then you surely require an ally in your permanent fight against time, to remind you how to turn every minute in your favor. What would be more appropriate than an accessory to go with you everywhere? Discover Allwatch, the smart watch that listens to your heart.

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Suited to your style

Made of stainless steel, with a design that follows the wrist shape for extra comfort, Allwatch is suitable for people with an active lifestyle. The 1.28 inch display is a little over 8 mm thick, while the 2.5D glass screen is very pleasant to touch and the bracelet is suitable for longtime wear.

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Shocks, water and dust resistant

Developed according to the IP67 standard, Allwatch is resistant to underwater immersion of up to 1 meter depth, for 30 minutes. As well, the device’s sealing provides total protection against dust, while the mechanical shocks resistant materials increase its durability.

minutes of charging,
one week
of benefits

Due to the energy consumption optimization, the battery ensures up to 7 days of usage time and around 10 days of stand-by time. The battery fully charges in 90 minutes through the USB cable with magnetic connector.

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Listens to your heart

Allwatch is equipped with sensors that allow permanent, real time monitoring of the heart beats, with a high precision level. According to the registered heart rate, the Allwatch users will be able to adjust their effort during physical activity in order to reach the desired results: keeping or improving the overall health condition, increasing physical resistance and burn fat, improving and developing sports performances.

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Healthier and happier through sports

Do you enjoy kicking off the day with an outdoor run to get that all day great tonus? Or you would rather clear your mind with a few minutes of yoga? How about an after work basketball match with your friends? Allwatch keeps track of the results for 21 different sports, and if your favorite activity is not amongst the preset ones, you can set it manually.


Time for a little exercise

In the case your daily routine involves long office hours, you will be encouraged to get off the chair for a break and light movement at regular intervals.

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Guards your sleep

Your current mood is connected with last night’s sleep quality. Your energy levels are rather down or are you feeling grumpy without a particular reason? You’d better check how and for how long you’ve slept. Allwatch syncs all the info in the smartphone’s app, so you will know exactly how long you’ve been sleeping, if you had a light or profound sleep, and how long you’ve been awake counting sheep. Track down the weekly or monthly history in order to get the big picture on the quality of your sleep. Waking up in the morning won’t be a burden anymore. The Allwatch’s silent alarm can be customized with 10 types of different vibrations to ensure a smooth start of a new day.

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Team mates with your smartphone

Download the Allwatch app here, and the info recorded with the watch are analyzed and turned into reports to get an overlook on your evolution and the goals you’ve set. Did you reach the goals you set? Did your evolution stop at some point? How long until you get in the shape you want? The watch’s app provides your evolution history and all the info you require for your plans ahead. In addition, the watch will prove useful in turning your phone camera on and even in retrieving your smartphone in the case you’ve misplaced it around the house.

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Always connected to important information

The Allwatch smart watch is equipped with a Dual-Core chip, optimized for an increased autonomy. The Memory LCD display ensures a lower energy consumption, up to 970 times less than a standard LCD. Compatible with the Android operating system, Allwatch can be connected to the smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth 4.0.

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Choose to be different

Customize the display of the Allwatch to best suit your style or mood. Reinvent yourself each day with a new display or a wristband matching your outfit!