AVI asistent vocal


How many times did you happen to be driving and needed to send an urgent message or check if the route you took is the less crowded? Or call a person you are on your way to and let them know you are running late? You don’t need to put your life at risk doing all these while driving.

Allview introduces AVI, the multilanguage voice assistant. It will make your life much easier.

Turn it on by double
click on the power button.

AVI asistent vocal
AVI asistent vocal
AVI asistent vocal

I speak many languages.

Choose from English, Polish or Romanian. I’m polyglot.

I am permanently learning and growing smarter every day.

The context is the key. I am permanently looking to put the words into the right context.


In order for you to enjoy a unique experience, I now have a new interface. Experience the swipe function which offers easy access to the personal task manager and important information, whenever you need them. Use swipe right to access the full list of functions and voice commands and swipe left to instantly access your lists, alarms and reminders, as well as your commands history.


I keep you connected at all times – calling contacts, writing text or WhatsApp messages to whomever you want. I am here for you especially in the moments where you are not able to perform all these tasks.

Calling contacts

“Call Sandra”

Simply tell me who you want me to call and from which SIM card. Yes, I can tell SIM cards.

Send messages

“Tell Sandra I’ll meet her tomorrow at 6 pm”

You don’t just tell me who to send the message to, but you can also dictate it and I will write it for you.

Send messages through WhatsApp

“Send a WhatsApp
message to Sandra”

You can dictate the message you want to send through WhatsApp and I can send it for you.

Post on

“Post on Facebook”

I will open the page and you are free to create.


I can answer all your questions and assist you in finding more details regarding any subjects that interest you.

Check the weather report

“How is the weather
like in Paris?”

Interested in the weather forecast? Simply tell me which city interests you.

Check the updates on
your favorite hobbies

“Search for the Champions League schedule”

Learn more about
your favorite authors

“Who is
Jane Austen?”

Check updates on your
favorite football players

“Show me the news
on Leo Messi”


Do you want me to turn on the Bluetooth, camera, flashlight or Wi-Fi? Adjust volume? Simply ask me!

Turn the flashlight on/off

“Turn on the flashlight”

Turn Bluetooth on/off

“Turn on Bluetooth”


In order for you to not miss on any important moments from your life and also get more free time for you, I can assist you in scheduling them.

Add meetings or events
in your calendar

“Set a meeting
for tomorrow at 3 pm”

I can schedule a meeting at your convenient date and time.

To do list

“Remind me to pay the energy bill”

Shopping list

“Add milk to the shopping list”

I can add all the items you need to buy on a dedicated shopping list. Once you have bought them, you can simply access the list and check them off. I can also keep a history of these lists, in case you need to access them again.


I can search and play any song or trailer you like, using YouTube.

Listen to
your favorite music

“Play Bohemian Rhapsody”

“Play the Interstellar trailer”

No, I can’t sing,
but I can play any song you like.


Tell me where you want to go and I will show you the way in your favorite navigation app. As well, I can calculate the distances for you.

I’ll show you the way to any destination

“Take me to Paris”

"Take me to the airport”

"Take me to the nearest cinema”

“I want to go to a sushi restaurant”

Tell me where you want to go and I will show you the way, using your favorite navigation app.

I’ll show you the distance between two cities

“What’s the distance from Berlin to Paris?”


I am built to make your life easier, therefore I remember the last location that interested you and I can make a connection between future commands and the previous location.

I sync with future commands

“What’s the weather like in Paris?”

“Take me there!”



Compatible smartphones
To install the app access Play Store, search the "Allview AVI" app and install it.
Once the app is installed, check the box with accepted terms and conditions and enter the login data - the e-mail address/AVI account. Grant all the required permissions. If you see a message saying that you cannot grant the required permissions, please follow these steps: Close all applications that display overlapped windows (e.g. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.) that run at that time, then go to Settings/Apps/AVI and grant all required permissions.
The app is compatible with the following models: P9 Energy, P9 Energy Lite, X4 Xtreme, X4 Soul, X4 Soul Style, X4 Soul Lite 3GB and 4GB, X3 Soul Plus, X3 Soul Style, X3 Soul Lite, X3 Soul Pro, X3 Soul, P8 Energy, P8 Energy Mini, P8 Energy Pro, V3 Viper, X5 Soul Pro, X5 Soul, P9 Energy S, P9 Energy Lite 2017, X4 Soul Infinity Plus, X4 Soul Infinity L, X4 Soul Infinity S, X4 Soul Infinity N, X4 Soul Infinity Z, X4 Soul Vision, X4 Soul Mini S, X4 Soul Mini 2GB and 3GB, X3 Soul Mini, X5 Soul Mini.
When installing the app, you must ensure that you accept all app’s permissions for a proper functioning. If you encounter a problem, you should check the list of apps in Settings/Apps/AVI, if AVI has all the granted permissions.
For the app to display the weather correctly, please make sure that the location is turned on your device, that you have accessed all permissions, and that you have an internet connection.
To find out which tasks the AVI app can perform, you need to say "What you can you do?" in the app.
To access the app, click on its icon or the floating button on the phone screen.
To access the settings, you need to click on the user shaped icon at the top right of the app. There you will find several menus, including language change, special interactions, feedback and details about the app’s version.
To turn off the floating button, go to App’s settings/Assistant settings/Interactions settings/Floating button visible – turn on or off.
To disable or enable the change of the lock screen image, you need to go to App’s Settings/Assistant settings/Interactions settings - disable or enable the Interactive lock screen. The phones compatible with this feature are: X4 Soul Infinity Z, X4 Soul Infinity N, X4 Soul Infinity L, X4 Soul Infinity S, X4 Soul Lite 3GB and 4GB, P9 Energy S, P9 Energy Lite 2017, X4 Soul Infinity Plus, X4 Soul Vision, X4 Soul Mini S, X4 Soul Mini 2GB and 3GB, X3 Soul Mini, X5 Soul Mini.
To change the default navigation app, go to app’s Settings/Assistant settings/Default apps/Navigation.
To find all of the above, slide from left to right in the app’s screen and you will see a menu containing all these lists.
To see examples of commands available in the app, slide from right to left and you will find a list of suggested commands. As well, once your interaction with the assistant has started you will get commands suggestions in the bottom bar of the app’s main page to ease the interaction with the app.
In order to edit the profile information access Settings/Profile.
To change the theme, you must go to app’s Settings/Profile/Pick a theme. Choose by preference.
The wake up formula for the AVI assistant works in beta version and the response level is of 70-80% after 20 interrogations training. Enable it from app’s Settings/Assistant settings/Interactions settings/Vocal activation “what’s up AVI”. After returning to the app’s home page, the reaction time is 2-3 seconds after saying the wake up formula. For the user’s security, he wake up formula works when the app is open in full screen. By using the wake up feature of the AVI voice assistant, the user can skip the dedicated button, therefore the voice assistant can be safely used while in traffic or moments when the phone’s display can’t be accessed.
Simply say: “delete alarms” or “cancel all alarms”. If you want to delete the most recent alarm, use the command “delete latest alarm”.
History can be delete through Sign out from the app, accessing app’s Settings/Logout.
To delete the account, access app’s Settings/Profile/Delete account.
In case you want to write something without voice interaction with the assistant, click the keyboard icon from the bottom right of the AVI screen. In case you wish to go back to voice mode, press the red button.