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Allview adds two new products to its wearables series: Allwatch S and AllFit

12/22/2016  |  News

Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, present on the market for over 11 years, adds two new devices to its wearables series: Allwatch S and AllFit. The two smart accessories are destined mainly to the female audience and young people aiming at a healthier lifestyle.

”With a slim, comfortable design and metallic insertions, Allwatch S is the feminine equivalent of its predecessor, Allwatch, while AllFit is the version dedicated for young people with an active lifestyle, wanting a more precise monitoring of the physical activities during the day or of the nighttime rest.”, stated Lucian Peticila, General Manager Allview.


Built in accordance with the IP67 standard, Allwatch S and AllFit can be submersed under up to 1 meter depth water, for 30 minutes. As well, the seals provides total dust protection.


The displays of the devices are 0.73 inch, respectively 0.96 inch and weight less than 20 grams, which makes them easy to wear. The battery ensures up to 3 days of usage – Allwatch S – and up to one week for AllFit. Both devices are compatible with Android OS and sync with the smartphone through the Allwatch app, prompting the users on messages, notifications or missed calls.


Allwatch S is equipped with sensors which allow real-time monitoring of the heartbeat, with a high accuracy level.


Both devices can record the results for 24 different sports, while other physical activities can be added manually. The users can monitor the steps or distances in a certain amount of time. Moreover, the rather motionless persons will be prompted if, for instance, they spend too much time standing down.


During nighttime, Allwatch S and AllFit monitor the sleep and full info can be found in the Allwatch app, so that the user can precisely keep track of the records of profound or light sleep or of the time spent awake.


Allwatch S and AllFit are available for preorder starting today, for 59 euro, respectively 35 euro. Deliveries start on January 12th 2017.


About Allview

Created in 2004, Allview brand is present on the IT&C markets from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands, Moldavia, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Estonia and Lithuania. Allview devices have a user-friendly interface, an attractive design, the latest technical features and high performance.