Allview launches a new smart TV series – ePlay

2/12/2020  |  News


Allview launches a new smart TV series with Android TV™ and Google Assistant, which integrates features that take the home entertainment experience to a new level.


The ePlay smart TVs reimagine the way in which the users used to interact with the classic TV, giving them the freedom to enjoy a multitude of new features: live TV, access to the Internet and to their favorite apps of video streaming, to games, connection to the compatible IoT devices and managing them through a simple voice command.


„Along with the development of technology, with the interconnection of devices and with the easy access to any kind of information, TVs have been under a constant pressure to evolve, to offer more services, to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly demanding public. That is how the smart TVs have appeared, which offer facilities and features of interconnection, that cater to the current needs of the users. The market trend confirms the huge potential that the Smart TVs have and that is why our aim is to become leaders in the market segment dedicated to smart TVs with Android TV, certified by Google™. The new series of products gives the users the newest TV experience, with the highest level of security”, said Lucian Peticila – Allview General Manager.


The ePlay series completes the portfolio of Allview Smart TVs, introducing a new usage experience and a modern design, edgeless, that perfectly integrates into any surrounding.


A new way to benefit from an audio-visual experience

A very important characteristic, which decisively influences the image quality is the type of screen used. The displays of the ePlay series are made using VA (Vertical Alignment) technology, which offers a rise into the contrast rates with up to 400% and a uniformity of the level of black with 200% in comparison to the IPS technology. Thus, the VA (Vertical Alignment) technology brings a new visual experience, through bright colors, a profound black, a higher native contrast and fine details.


Added to the image package are options like: Dynamic noise reduction, MPEG noise reduction, Gamma setup, and the 7 modes of viewing.


The sound given by the ePlay Smart TVs is well defined and clear due to the incorporated speakers in dedicated acoustic spaces and the last generation class D audio amplifiers. The Dolby Audio option amplifies the acoustic experience of the user, giving a perfectly balanced sound.


A new way to interact

Users can give direct voice commandsto the remote, so they can enjoy all the features of the smart technology, that bring a new degree of comfort in the home zone.


Thus, with a simple voice command, the Smart TV can give information about the weather, can update the shopping list and can add an event in the calendar.


A new way to experience comfort

The Allview ePlay TVs can also work as smart hubs for home, facilitating the user access to other electronic products and smart appliances like air conditioning systems, air purifiers, smart lighting, smart speakers and many other devices that can connect to the TV. In this way, the user has full control of the smart devices form the house, even if they belong to another brand.


A new way of relaxing

With Android TV, the new ePlay series become the center of entertainment in the house, by offering a personalized digital experience through the access to the Internet and the favorite online apps: Netflix, Youtube™, HBO GO, Twich or Facebook Watch. Also, through the Chrome Cast feature, the user can view any content from the phone directly onto the TV, even when the latter is closed.


A new way of escaping into the world of gaming

The ePlay smart TVs give access to thousands of games from Google Play, for everybody’s entertainment. Thus, the users benefit from a real gaming experience, available on a big screen.



The new ePlay series comes in multiple diagonals (32”, 40”, 43”) and different resolutions (HD, Full HD). The models available from today are 32ePlay6100 HD and 40ePlay6100 Full HD, and the 43ePlay6100 Full HD model will come soon.

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About Allview

Created in 2004, Allview is the number 1 autochthonous brand of smartphones and tablets from Romania. In 2010, Allview was the first company from Romania that launched a PC tablet, followed by the first smartphone under a Romanian brand, in 2011, and the first single SIM smartphone from its portfolio in 2013. In 2016 the Allview Smart Home project has diversified the company portfolio with a complex solution for home automation and monitoring. The Allview brand is present on the IT&C markets from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia. The Allview vision is offered by smart and accessible technologies, under a Romanian brand.


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