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Allview launches Visual VR – the glasses that open the door to virtual reality

6/23/2016  |  News

Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, present on the market for over 11 years, launches the Visual VR glasses, the equipment that takes you to a virtual reality which you can control without any external button, exclusively through your head movements. The Visual VR glasses are compatible with a series of Allview smartphones.

„What may have seemed a science fiction scene some years back is being revealed today as an accessible reality for all of us: a virtual universe where you can be whomever you choose to be, you can go wherever you dreamt about going, or you can choose to be a spectator or the main character. Today we are opening the gates to this world for Allview users and, alongside our partners from FullDive, we are aiming at providing a memorable virtual experience. The Visual VR is controlled exclusively through head movements, without any external buttons, thus offering a full comfort in the virtual reality”, stated Lucian Peticila, Allview General Manager.

The Visual VR glasses are compatible with the smartphones with gyroscope sensor and with a screen size from 4 to 6 inch. The glasses weight 263gr only, a reduced size for a comfortable usage. The focus and distance between lenses are easily adaptable, so that Visual VR can adapt to each user’s needs. The glasses provide a generous viewing angle of 102°.

Once the Full Dive app is accessed, the user can open the menu by simply moving the head from left to right, while holding the cursor on one of the apps for 2 seconds will open the selected section.

With Visual VR, the users can impersonate their favorite games’ characters, can experience extreme sports or live to the fullest the 3D movies or the ones shot 360° cameras. The virtual reality has overpassed the entertainment level and is becoming more present in science and research fields.

The customers who have already preordered or will order in the near future the P8 Energy PRO or X3 Soul PRO smartphones will get the Visual VR1 glasses for free.

The customers who wish to order the Visual VR2 glasses can do so starting today, based on preorder, for 39 euro. Deliveries will start in the second half of May.

The compatible products are P8 Energy PRO, P8 Energy, X3 Soul PRO, X3 Soul, X2 Soul Xtreme, X2 Soul PRO, X2 Soul, X2 Soul mini, X1 Xtreme, X1 Xtreme mini and V1 Viper S4G.


About Allview

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