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Innovative display for the new X series by Allview

12/28/2018  |  News


For the new X series, which will be revealed in 2019, Allview takes into account multiple display versions. The top options of the European brand include the full display, where the image is not limited in any way.

The phones of the new series may have a screen with a special area for the selfie camera so that the entire display is used. In this case, the camera would no longer keep the brightness sensor. The camera's "hole" display is not the only option taken into consideration by Allview. Keeping an absolute full display and finding another solution for the selfie camera is also an idea for the new Allview phones.



"We take into account several options for selfie camera and display type. We want to offer users a revolutionary series, so we're still testing and weighing options to bring new benefits to the market”, stated Lucian Peticila, General Manager Allview.



Allview has already chosen the innovative flex-on-glass solution for the new X series, moving to the next level compared to the chip-on-flex and flex-on-board and thus leaving the lower part of the display cleaner.