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Soul X5 Pro: the new System Manager based on AI and its benefits

6/13/2018  |  News

With AI, the System Manager provides optimization of the hardware, software and data traffic of the new X5 Pro, to be released on June 19, 2018


14.06.2018 – Soul X5 Pro, the upcoming Allview flagship, with a 12nm processor based on NeuroPilot, Core Pilot ™ and integrated AI, offers the user one of the most optimized operating systems on the market.



Memory resource efficiency, smart application management, and data traffic optimization will be possible thanks to the new System Manager, while reducing energy consumption by over 20%.



Among the most relevant benefits for the user are the management of tasks and alarms according to their importance, including their overnight snooze, blue light defender for vision protection and background application and processes limitation. With the new UI, System Manager offers the user the ability to interact with a new type of smart notifications and alerts.



The terminal will also optimize the power consumption generated by the localization system by limiting the frequency with which it is being used, and optimizing the specific algorithm, based on the user's movement, being also prepared to receive the Galileo positioning system.



The upcoming Allview product will simplify users' lives through the wireless charging option, USB type C connector and a 3,000 mAh battery.



Allview has prepared a page dedicated to those who want to be the first to learn about the future flagship of the company: