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Superphoto with Allview Soul X6 Xtreme

8/23/2019  |  News


Allview released a software update for the Soul X6 Xtreme flagship, which focuses on improving photo/video capabilities and protecting the front camera.


The new version brings a substantial increase in the quality of the images captured with the main camera, as well as the front camera.


The AI mode automatically turns on when taking photos, while the use of advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence leads to spectacular images. Now, the elements in the shot are identified faster and more accurately, and the adjustment of the camera parameters is instant.

Another novelty is the resolution increase for the captures in the Superphoto mode, to 96 megapixels. The users will have a remarkable photographic experience and enjoy the finest details.

The software update also integrates new photo features, such as: GIF, Colour Filter, Panorama, Slow motion, QR Scanning, into a new, attractive and intuitive UI.


The capabilities of the front camera are also improved, by reducing image noise, in low light conditions. The X6 Xtreme users will get the selfies they want, no matter where they are, in the club, at the restaurant or on the street, after dark. 

The pop-up camera receives extra protection, now with the option of automatic retraction in case of accidental drops. When the gravitational sensor detects a sudden movement, it automatically withdraws the front camera, thus protecting it from potential damage.


The update also improves video shooting with the main camera, so the images are more fluid, especially in fast-moving frames.


In addition to improvements to the phone's cameras, the update also features the latest Google security patches. Thus, the protection of the user's data increases significantly. The update is available OTA.