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VIVA HOME- new ways of using technology

7/18/2019  |  News



 Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, launches Viva Home, a product that revolutionizes user interaction with such devices.


Viva Home is an impressive size tablet with a 17.3" LCD display with new features, regardless of the situation it is used. At home, at the office or on holiday, the user will be amazed by the mobility and versatility of a device with an impressive display and multiple benefits.


Viva Home is an entertainment source, which brings the cinema along, wherever the user goes. With the voice and mouse remote control, included in the package, commands such as 'Play music on YouTube', 'Play a movie on Netflix', Viva Home will quickly play the selected content, whatever the source of your videos, movies or music of choice.


Perfectly organized with Google Assistant

Through a simple voice command, the user can check the calendar or agenda and can easily modify the content. The user can control all the smart devices from the house through Google Assistant, for a functional, comfortable space.



Digital drawing paper – for creative children and parents

The joy of seeing with friends or family the photos stored in Google Photos reaches new dimensions on a 17.3" display. The user will have his favourite pictures in bigger sizes, and will surprise each detail of the picture by magnifying the photos with a simple touch of the screen.


Viva Home also comes with plenty of tools to create sketches anywhere, working individually or with colleagues, in real time. You can add notes, pictures, texts, emoticons or other visual elements during a unique experience through the dedicated apps.



Video recipes in your own kitchen

The favourite recipes are now at hand, exactly where they are needed. With the tablet on the working table, the user will have easy access to any video recipe and will astonish the guests with its inventiveness.



Workout with a trainer, just like at the gym

Viva Home brings its users their own fitness studio, wherever they are. With the tablet nearby, the users can practice following the trainer's instructions and choose from a multitude of apps from Google Play the one that best guides in meeting the goals and physical performance that were set.



High quality video calls and house monitoring

With Viva Home, monitoring the baby's room or other space is easy, so that the user can enjoy true relaxing moments without worry. In addition, the tablet can be used for video calls with loved ones thanks to the generous display.



Education made fun and parental control for appropriate content

Viva Home lets you access thousands of free games available on Google Play for the whole family. Fun is guaranteed by the exciting and real action on a large display, while the eyesight is not forced, as it happens on the phone screen.


Online lessons become attractive and learning apps are easier to access through voice commands and returned responses. Children’s online activities are secured with the Family Link app, where parents can set clear rules for the accessed content.


Your personal office assistant

Viva Home is extremely useful in office activities, whether the user needs a translator, video conferencing, or graphic, intuitive explanations. Wherever in the world the business partner is from, the automated conversation in Google Translate turns the tablet into a digital translator, right in the meeting room, so time and resources are saved. During the video conference, users can directly access and share charts, studies, and reports, and can offer further explanations and details through drawing.




Viva Home is available for 249EUR, and for orders received until 29.07.2019, a 50EUR discount will be automatically applied to the shopping cart.