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X6 Xtreme – maximum visual experience, through the integration of smart technologies

5/30/2019  |  News


The new X6 Xtreme has overcome barriers that have so far stood in the way of integrating a full-view display, finding innovative solutions to integrate cameras, sensors and audio receiver.


The sensors were miniaturized, so to be placed on extremely small surfaces. The proximity sensor is placed at the top and takes up less than 1mm in width. The integrated light sensor is placed at the bottom of the screen to optimize the amount of ambient light. Moreover, by using the Android 9 operating system and the AI processor, X6 Xtreme learns your preferences depending on the environment in which you use your phone and the apps you use, adjusting the backlight optimally.



X6 Xtreme uses a new technology to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the display, which includes a high-precision optical sensor placed under the display. It activates a dedicated area of the OLED display, allowing the fingerprint to be read and authenticated.


The in display fingerprint integration increases the terminal’s ergonomics. Reading the fingerprint is accurate regardless of environmental conditions or if your finger is too dry or too cold (conditions that would have caused unlocking problems for classic fingerprint sensors).




With the swipe function of Visual UI 3.0, the viewing area increases by 6.1%, vertically, matching the visual experience you have on a 6.6" display. The "full screen gesture" option, based on "swipe" gestures, allows you to easily navigate between screens, and your phone’s menu.






The viewing experience is also special with videos, played on 19.5/9" format.