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Romanian premiership: Allview develops the first smartphone with an 18:9 display, in a spectacular and ergonomic format

8/25/2017  |  News

X4 Soul Infinity will be the new Allview flagship for which 50,000 displays have already been ordered

Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, present on the market for over 12 years, is working on an astonishing smartphone, equipped with a special display, which positions the project as the company’s new flagship. X4 Soul Infinity is the name of the new terminal that will include a display 15% larger than the usual, in a 5’’ body. Allview seeks for an 80% ratio between the display size and the total device size, a value which will position the X4 Soul Infinity in the top 10 products worldwide ranked in this proportion.


The Allview R&D team challenge is to optimize each components’ place in the structure of the new smartphone, in order to provide the user with a memorable experience with a spectacular screen incorporated in an ergonomic smartphone.


“From the very beginning, we aimed at providing our users easy access to new generation technology. It’s a promise which has been guiding us since the company founding, 15 years ago, and which led us to the present moment when we are developing an amazing smartphone, for which we have already taken on an 50,000 displays order. We are confident that this terminal will make a difference on the tech market through new benefits which will be disclosed at the moment of X4 Soul Infinity launch”, stated Lucian Peticila, General Manager Allview.


The idea of the X4 Soul Infinity smartphone was first made public at the beginning of this year, through an image associated to month August from the Allview calendar sent out to the company’s partners. Up to now, the Allview specialists have developed multiple versions of this new product, designed for a fast and comfortable usage. The final form under which all the components of the X4 Soul Infinity will be integrated will be revealed as the project unwinds.


The Allview X4 Soul Infinity trademark was registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).             


Those who wish to keep updated on this project can register on the dedicated X4 Soul Infinity page and will have access to special offers as the project is developed.


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About Allview

Created in 2004, Allview brand is present on the IT&C markets from Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands, Moldavia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia. Allview devices have a user-friendly interface, an attractive design, the latest technical features and high performance.


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