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The new Soul X5 Pro, AI and its applied features

8/9/2018  |  News

Hints for ergonomics and optimized user experience of the new Soul X5 Pro smartphone


To make the most of the features and qualities of the Soul X5 Pro, Allview brings a new section of hints and tips for easier and more efficient use of the new device.


Among the advantages and improvements brought by the new AI to the new Soul X5 Pro are: smart RAM and cache memory cleaning systems, background process optimization, automatic app launch, monitoring and notification of apps to start in the background, cut on night time energy consumption, and the proposal to freeze or uninstall apps that are rarely used.


In terms of data consumption, the Soul X5 Pro monitors and notifies apps that want to consume data other than those used by the user, and last but not least the individual consumption setting for each application.


UI 3.0 swipe provides user experience ergonomics with a number of innovative features such as: instant unlock of the device, eye protection, not shutting down the display as long as the user looks at it, customized notifications, smart gestures, using the whole menu with one-finger swipe gestures the middle of the screen, and the hiding of the Notch.


Pe langa cele de mai sus, Inteligenta Artificiala isi spune cuvantul si in performanta camerelelor telefonului, unde aceasta ajuta la: identificarea scenelor, calitatea imaginilor HDR, group selfie, face beauty, cat si la functia bokeh implementata pe ambele camere foto ale smartphone-ului.


In addition to the above, Artificial Intelligence also adds to the performance of the phone's cameras: scenes recognition, HDR image quality, group selfie, face beauty, and the bokeh function implemented on both smartphone cameras .


More tips can be found in the in the Optimization and Ergonomics section of the phone’s page:


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