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The X5 series from Allview - experiences and features from Android 9 and 10

2/21/2019  |  News


Allview X5 series terminals integrate top features from Android 9 and Android 10.


Dark UI, screen recorder, super screenshot, swipe navigation, Face ID are just a few of the X5 series functionalities tailored to the needs of the users.


1. Dark UI, in trends

The dark UI mode is included on the X5 series phones, thus integrating the aesthetic trends of 2019, along with smart energy saving mode. Dark UI is easy to set by the user from the System Administrator panel.



2. Screen recorder and super screenshot

The screen recorder feature, designed for Android 10, is already included on the Allview X5 series phones. The screen recorder stores a series of steps in its menu to reproduce to the user whenever needed. Recording includes sound, making it even more useful for the person who uses it. Gamers who want to record the game and their progress and then upload the video on YouTube are using this feature intensively.




Another interesting feature is the super screenshot, integrated in a new form on Android 9 as well. On the X5 series, the user can select the area they want from a web page and take a screenshot of this selection alone.



3. Swipe, for fast navigation


With UI 3.0 and swipe gestures, the ergonomics in using the system increases. With a swipe of a finger, regardless of the area on the screen, the user can access the phone's favorite features. In addition, it can hide the "buttons" on the display, increasing the viewing area on the screen by nearly 6%.



4. Smart notifications


Allview X5 series terminals feature a smart notification system, which, among other things, warns about running apps that take up resources. The same system automatically closes apps like the flashlight when it detects that it is no longer in use, saving the phone's battery.



5. Deep Face ID


The Deep Face ID technology, which Android 10 will integrate, outlines a detailed 3D map of the user's face, securing personal information on an advanced level. Besides the Soul X5 Pro, which has the most advanced system with 3 sensors, Soul X5 and Soul X5 Style also have a similar facial recognition system based on AI (as see in the Fun Emoji feature).



6. Smart saving


With the "adaptive brightness" feature, the Allview range of X5 phones smartly adapts brightness to the conditions and environment, "learning" how to optimize the background light. Thus, the user gets a constantly adjusted, optimized image in various contexts.
Smart saving mode is also present in the case of the battery, for minimal energy consumption depending on the used apps. Battery Saver and Adaptive battery are the features that guarantee the user and extended autonomy for all the activities throughout the whole day.