CPU: Intel® Atom® Quad-Core x5 Z8350
Operating system: Windows 10
Ram memory: 2GB DDR3
Flash memory: 32GB, can be extended through MicroSD card of up to 128GB
Display: LCD 14", 1366x768px, 16/9 fromat
Ports: USB (1x3.0, 1x2.0). mini HDMI
Battery: 9000 mAh
Power adapter: 3,7 V
Size: 328x220x17.8mm
Weight: 1150g


AllBook L

From the status bar, access Store and download more apps.

In order to change language, follow the next steps: Click on the Start button-> Select the Settings wheel icon-> Access Time and Language menu-> Region and Language and select the language of choice. In order for the setting to be active, you need to restart the device.

To change the date and time, follow the next steps: Click on the Start button-> Select the Settigs wheel icon-> Access the Time and Language menu-> Date and time.

In order to reset the device, you need to go to the Settings-> Update and security-> Recovery and then select "Get started" in the Reset this PC section.

Follow the next steps: click on Start -> Settings (the wheel icon)-> Apps. The list of installed apps will be displayed, click on the one you wish to uninstall.

You simply need to click on the battery icon from bottom right, select Power and sleep settings and make the desired changes.

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