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O.S. Windows 10
2 in 1 device, Keyboard dock
CPU: Intel® Atom™ Z3735F Burst up to 1,83 GHz, Quad Core
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
10,1” Display, 1280x800 px
2GB RAM Memory
32GB Flash Memory
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: Li-Polimer 6000 mAh
2 cameras
2 stereo speakers

Availability: Out of stock

239.00 €


WI10N PRO – tablet or netbook?

WI10N PRO is the perfect combination of utility, elegance and performance. Perfect for business but also for dynamic people, always involved in multiple projects, in need of rigorous organization, WI10N PRO responds to relaxation and entertainment needs of its holder. The 2 in 1 one tablet with keyboard runs Windows 10 operating system, for things to become increasingly simpler for you.

Multiple ways of use

Because everyone wants to be unique and works in different ways, we offer a device that can be used in various ways. Whether you prefer to use it as a simple tablet PC, easy to carry and to use when you find yourself in business trips or out of town, whether you want to enjoy the comfort of a coffee shop and prefer the netbook version attaching the keyboard included in the package or just to make it a support when you watch videos while relaxing in bad, WI10N can adapt according to you and your wishes. Go anywhere with your tablet PC and make yourself noticed in any situation!

Generosity in storage and speed
Let yourself surprised by the 22 nm Intel Atom Quad Core processor which will consume way less energy comparing with what you are used with, by the 1,33 GHz processing frequency that can go up to 1,83 GHz or, why not, by the Intel HD Graphics, the graphic processor. The device RAM memory is 2GB, and the Flash one is 32GB, which can be completed by a microSD card up to 32GB, big enough for you to comfortably store the photos made during your trips or the funny videos made with your hilarious friends at various events.


The success of simplifying the technology
Now, with the help of WI10N PRO tablet you can easily print out files by connecting to printers via Bluetooth. Take advantage of this function and forget about long cables that you used to connect the device to a printer. Your presentation will be free of unpleasant events because you can make them visible by connecting the device to the TV or video projector through the micro HDMI or you can ease your activities by connecting the mouse to the USB 2.0 port.


The reality of colors, the vibration of sounds
Enjoy your favorite music that will be redeemed by the two stereo speakers or relax yourself watching your favorite TV show on the 10.1” display, with the1280x800 px resolution. 

High autonomy
Due to the 6000 mAh and Intel Atom processor you have maximum performance with a low energy consumption. WI10N PRO offers autonomy up to 5 hours in continuous use and up to 6 days in stand-by.

Windows 10, so familiar
Windows 10 is the familiar operating system. It is very easy to use and will make you feel like an expert using an intuitive and useful tablet. The Start button is back in an extended formula, where you can find the favorite apps, ready for you. It starts and resumes activity very quickly and it offers high security.


For office and home
WI10N PRO allows you to easily bound work files from the home ones, being the ideal partner no matter what situation. You can create multiple accounts, one for each member of the family and thus, all your files are safe.

The familiar Windows desktop
The desktop is one touch away and the Start button was kept on the desktop. Use a keyboard and a mouse or the tablet’s touchscreen in order to keep your things organized into folders. While you are working on the familiar desktop, the open apps will be shown in the taskbar, at the bottom of the screen. As easy as ever!


Closure at distance
With WI10N PRO is easier to keep in touch with friends and family while you are out of town or when you can’t make it at important events because you are held at the office. With the Skype app and the two integrated cameras is simpler to keep close when you are away.


Faster than ever
Snap to corners, use up to four apps at once and see them all at a glance. You can even create virtual desktops when you need more space or you want to organize info according to each project.


Packed with useful apps
Windows 10 comes preloaded with an impressive number of apps: Maps, Photos, E-mail and calendar, music and video are only a few of them. The apps will use OneDrive in order to stock all information and sync all of your devices. Wherever you may be, you have access to the settings, information and your media library!
Windows Store is the one place for all your apps, games, music or movies that you want.

Be more productive
Windows 10 introduces Microsoft Edge, the newest browser, developed to deliver the best browsing experience. The new Microsoft Edge allows taking notes straight from the web page, which you can share later.

Additional Info




November 2014


Romanian, English, German, Spanish,etc.




625,7g(without keyboard)/1100g with keyboard






Touch screen

Capacitive mutitouch


1280*800 px





Windows 10


Intel Atom Z3735F, 1,33GHz/,Burst up to 1.83 GHz/2M Cache Quad Core (22nm)


Intel HD Graphics

Flash Memory


RAM Memory


External Memory

MicroSD up to 32GB











WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


Yes 4.0

PC Connectivity

Yes, USB 2.0



Main: 2Mpx; Secondary: 0,3Mpx


2 stereo speakers

Stereo headphones

Built-in microphone


Playback: multiple formats, video decoding at FullHD resolution 1920X1080p

Playback flux FullHD 1920X1080p


Yes, multiple formats


Yes, multiple formats


Social networking








Call by wifi

Yes. Supports videocall via Skype

, Yahoo etc.


Office Mobile


Audio Jack

Jack, 3,5 mm

Card reader


Micro HDMI


Interface keyboard

Pogo pin


MicroUSB x1/USBx1(via keyboard)


Charger type

DC 5V, 2 A

Battery type

3,8V Litiu-polimeter


6000 mAh

In use

Up to 5h


Up to 150h

Package content

Tablet, charger, usb cable, user manual, warranty certificate, keyboard with dedicated interface


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