Allview E3 Sign

Amazing functions. Remarkable design. Impressive performances.
Let yourself captivated by E3 Sign!

Increased security

Quick unlock

Privacy protection

E3 Sign is a phone that would be only yours, offering increased security! Choose to unlock the device by scanning the personal fingerprint and stock on it personal stuff, wheather it is passwords, bank accounts or ongoing projects, without worrying that they can be seen by others. For unlocking you must only pass with the fingerprint over the well situated sensor from the back of the phone! E3 Sign starts immediatly, without the need to press other buttons.

Ergonomic design

Generous display

Natural colours

With the screen dimension of 5.5” and weighing only 161.9 g, the smartphone has a business design that imposes among other phones, being easy to handle with one hand.

The IPS OGS display with 1280x720 px resolution will introduce you to the fascinating world of vivid colors, offering at the same time a large viewing angle, up to 178 degrees. The screen is protected by a glass resistent to bumps and scratches.

The performance you need

Amazing graphics

Stability and fluidity

The Quad Core processor with the 1.3 GHz frequence, the 2 GB RAM memory and the fluidity of the Android™ 4.4, KitKat® operating system ensures the performance of the device, transforming it into your reliable partner. In your relaxing moments enter in the gaming world and enjoy the amazing graphics ensured by the MALI-400MP graphic processor.

More space for your apps

E3 Sign offers 16 GB storage and the posibility to complete the memory with a microSD card up to 32 GB. Thus, you have more space to install your favorite apps, in the flash memory or directly on the card.

Capture the most beautiful smiles

Discover fun functions

Create memories

The 8MP Sony IMX219 main camera with autofocus and LED Flash, will capture different images regardless of the ambient light intensity. Smile, your smartphone with Smile Shot function will detect your smile and will take pictures without you touching the screen! Discover the other available functions and amuse yourself with your friends about the funniest photos!

The most attractive selfies

The right make-up for every occasion

Highlight your features

With E3 Sign the portraits will always look amazing due to the make-up app. This will allow to set a series of effects for your images to be impecable. The over 20 tools will help you to create infinite combinations and to find the right style for you: natural, sweet or dramatic. The app identifies the key points of the face and the results are spactacular, the appereance of your face being fine retouched, highlighting the features and masking the flaws.

Full HD video recording

Record your friends and family with FullHD resolution to always remember with pleasure the moments spent toghether.

Friendly menu

To find the appropriate functions of each moment is very easy. The camera menu is user friendly and easy to use. In addition, you have multiple settings for your photos to be extraordinary.

Settings menu and quickly settings menu

Accurate and accessible

E3 Sign has a different settings menu from other Android smartphones, being easier to acces. You have every category clearly visible in the left side, highlighted through suggestive icons. The quick settings can be accesed by sliding down the status bar which can be personalized with the most used functions.

Friendly gallery

Unique collages

You have 3 types of picture displaying, in order for you to wander about in the gallery: only the photo taken with the camera, all the albums or in folders arranged by the location they were taken. For showing the images from gallery you have 2 ways, grid type or film tape.

Choose the favourite images from gallery and make custom collages. Arrange the images according to your preferences and choose the best background.

Edit photos

Apply filters and effects

Create unique images

With the photo editing app you have at your disposal numberous effects and filters to emphasize any picture. You can adjust it, set the brightness, the contrast or to intensify its colors.

Status bar

Always notified

Permanently informed

The notifications will appear in the bar in the top of the screen. Always at sight, you won’t miss any unread or missed call. In this status bar you can set the battery status, network or their speeds.

Gesture mode – Intelligent start-up

Draw one of the 9 default signs and control the smartphone without unlocking it. Control the redeeming music and acces the wanted apps. Every sign can be customed with the app or function you use more often.

Gesture mode – Intelligent lightening

Set this function when you want to read! In this way you will ensure that the display won’t be interrupted while you are reading e-mails or onlines book. The phone sensors will detect when your eyes will look in other ways and will automatically go off.

Multitask floating window

Activate the floating window to acces quickly certain functions of the phone. It appears or disappears from the screen by pressing the Back button. The menu puts at your disposal floating windows for calculator and audio and video player.Through this window you can activate the gaming or reading mode too, you can clear the RAM Memory or quickly lock the screen.

Touch protect mode

This function uses distance sensors and prevents unintentional unlocking of the phone, when it is in the pocket or bag.

Entertainment for your kid

Entertain your kid with the phone! Activate Magic Thumb, choose one of the models that can appear when touching the display and enjoy their laughters while they will have fun with your phone. In addiction, to be sure that he won’t acces your personal apps, you can secure it through a password.

Replace your remote with the phone

Control the devices around you

With the help of your phone you will have the control of all the gadgets from your home! You can transform it anytime into a remote, you can change the TV channel or adjust the temperature from the AC from your E3 Sign smartphone! You have at your disposal the default remote app and Infrared function, that will help you connect to the other devices.

Listen to your favorite music

Listen to music directly from the phone, enjoy and relax yourself with your friends and transform any hang out into a party. With the integrated NXP audio amplifier and available effects in the dedicated apps, the sound will be deeper, powerful and qualitatively, even when the volume is maximum!

Access your favorite apps with voice unlock

With E3 Sign, you have multiple ways of accesing the phone. Activate the voice unlock and tell your phone what to do!

Dedicated case in the package

Protect your smartphone with the flip case contained in the package. It attaches directly to your phone, the back being just the cover of the device.