Allview TV
Allview TV

Transform your TV interaction into entertainment!

Trăiește la intensitate maximă fiecare moment, cu televizorul tău smart! Intră în acțiunea celor mai iubite filme sau jocuri și lasă-te captivat de imagine și sunet! Navighează cu ușurință în meniul SMART al televizorului și bucură-te de experiențe unice.

The edgeless design from the 5500-series perfectly fits into any space.

Allview TV

Attractive and intuitive UI

With a specially created UI for the Allview SMART series, you benefit from an interactive experience that is superior and adapted to your needs. The TV program simultaneously works with the SMART menu, so you can easily browse, while also staying permanently connected to your favorite channels.

Allview TV

Organized content

Searching your media content is easier than ever. Your favorite music, videos and photos are perfectly organized and put just a click away.

Android apps and games

You can install and access your favorite Android apps, from the dedicated store, and you can organize them according to your preferences. This way you can enjoy the latest movies on Netflix and watch Youtube videos. Moreover, with only a gamepad attached, you transform your TV into your gaming center, and have access to hundreds of free games.

Allview TV
Allview TV

Wireless display

Discover the WiDi features and share your memories with your loved ones, in a simple way. With the screen mirror feature, you can easily project, in real time, the content from your smartphone or tablet directly onto your SMART TV screen.

Allview TV
Allview TV

Auto TimeShift

With the Auto TimeShift feature activated, your TV automatically records what you watch. If you want to watch again a previous scene, you can go back to it and you can choose between continuing viewing from that moment, or get back to the real time transmission. The feature is useful if you want to watch again everything, or only certain scenes from the football game, movie or favorite show.

*an external storage device is required

Image and contrast

Discover the stories of the images and enjoy all the details of the action! Get captivated by the hues and contrasts that will enrich your perspective.


Beauty lies in the details.

Allview TV
Allview TV

4K UHD, four times more pixels.

Due to the 4K – UHD technology, the images from the screen are incredibly real and clear, even when they are viewed at a small distance. From now on, no detail will go unnoticed.


Allview TV
Allview TV Allview TV Allview TV

Smart TV Edgeless

Live each moment to the max with your smart TV!