Soul X5 Pro projects you into a world where you can be exactly the way you want to be and it gets you.

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& Display

Thanks to the 19:9 visual ratio, high contrast ratio and slim display, Soul X5 Pro takes your viewing experience even further and breaks all barriers. Moreover, a colorful world will shine ahead through the 6.2" display with Full HD + resolution.

The delicate curved design will mirror your personality, however you choose to be. The thin edges and harmonious mix of the design elements will fully captivate you.

The display incorporates new techniques and advanced materials backed by rigorous manufacturing processes, all of which ensure protection in unpleasant situations such as scratches, shocks or drops. The device becomes durable and your new trusted friend.

Allview Soul X5 Pro
Allview Soul X5 Pro
Allview Soul X5 Pro


Created especially for you, the AVI Voice Assistant provides unconditional help. The project started from simple tasks such as dialing contacts and navigation, and can now interpret the human voice and recognize over 95% of the words in Romanian, Polish and English.
Communicating in various languages, AVI performs different actions designed to make your life as easy as possible, so that you gain time for your passions.

Through Artificial Intelligence, the experience of the dual camera system – the main one of 16MP + 5MP and the secondary of 16MP - will be exceptional, approaching that of a professional DSLR camera. Using the depth of field through the Bokeh function, your photos will be clearer, colorful and contrasted and you will be able to turn art into passion!

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Scene recognition

The main camera of Soul X5 Pro smartphone is able to detect and optimize for you the photo scenes in the frame, through AI. This will adjust all parameters and take photos based on the appropriate settings to capture the perfect scene.

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Professional mode

Rediscover the pleasure of capturing even the most beautiful nocturnal frames with the main camera. You'll be able to make the most of the professional-like features such as: changing the clarity and focus mode, adapting the shutter speed and light sensitivity (ISO), adjusting the white balance and exposure compensation.

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Group selfie

When the device identifies a larger group in your picture, it will automatically suggest you switch to "Group Selfie" mode. Using advanced algorithms based on AI, the device will capture and process images based on which it will create the perfect panoramic selfie. Be the one who sets this trend!

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Soul X5 Pro challenges you with unlimited creativity. The Bokeh effect created with a single camera will emphasize any frame and photo scene you like, highlighting a strong contrast compared to the background. Through the exclusive face beauty algorithm, all imperfections will be corrected and you will look just as you wish.


Using the frontal camera of the Soul X5 Pro you can create dynamic and fun emojis through artificial intelligence. The new feature takes your moves, gestures and expressions and turns them into dynamic emojis. Moreover, Soul X5 will not only recognize your facial expressions, but your voice too. This way, you can send animated voice messages to your friends with animal faces that mimic your expression.

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Soul X5 Pro, along with its 12-nm MediaTek Helio P60 processor, bring innovation closer to you. The Helio P60 is a processor designed to deliver a strongly improved performance compared to previous smartphone generations, with an AnTuTu score of over 140k. Compared to the previous generations of MediaTek, the Helio P60 is 70% more powerful, representing an important leap in the new wave of innovative technologies.

Another advantage of the Helio P60 is the smart NeuroPilot core which the artificial intelligence capabilities are based on. By using the Android Neural Networks API and the Mobile-APU's multi-core processing unit, the new processor also provides support for augmented reality, facial recognition, object identification and photographic scenes.

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Deep Face ID

& Ultra-Fast Fingerprint sensor

Soul X5 Pro acts as your most trusted confidant and protects all your secrets. With the new technology, you maximize the ability to protect your personal information through facial recognition and ultra-fast fingerprint sensor.
Soul X5 Pro uses the safest protection technology of a smartphone: advanced facial recognition (Deep Face ID). The technology is based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the detection being as precise whether done in light, in deep darkness or if you need to wear glasses. Through IR sensors, Deep Face ID will outline a detailed 3D map of your face, so it becomes impossible to unlock your phone with pictures, masks, digital screens, or if you your eyes are closed.


Soul X5 Pro will give you the flexibility to use with just one hand, as well as new features to suit your preferences. Now you can interact with a new type of smart notifications and alerts, and with UI 3.0 and swipe gestures, you can access common features such as: home, back, history, main menu, notifications, including adding or removing the Notch feature.

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Allview Soul X5 Pro


The efficiency of memory resources, smart app management and data traffic optimization will be possible thanks to the new System Manager, while reducing energy consumption by over 20%.

Among the most relevant benefits, the device comes with: task and alarm management according to their importance, including their night-time delays, blue light defender switching on automatically for vision protection and limiting applications and background processes.

All these performances will be supported by a 3,000mAh battery that also benefits from wireless charging. Be independent and ease the way you live, work or play.

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Your passion for music will grow in intensity with Soul X5 Pro!

Featuring a new D class audio amplifier with an integrated DC/DC converter with output power of up to 5W that benefits from an advanced distortion reduction system and loudspeaker protection, you'll be able to appreciate the sound quality and accuracy. We complete the entire system with a dedicated Acoustic Enclosure, specially designed to reproduce the entire spectrum of audio, no matter how low or powerful sounds, clear and crystalline voices, or the most complex percussion elements. You'll also benefit from the benefits of the DTS feature, giving you the best experience for the perfect audition in the dedicated stereo headphones.

FAQ Soul X5 Pro

For your experience with our new UI 3.0 to be easy and fun, we've prepared some tips and tricks.
Now you can optimize the operation of your device, increase ergonomics, and applications are easier to use than ever before.

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Soul X5 Pro

  • Smartphone 4G+ Dual SIM
  • Voice assistant in English, Polish and Romanian
  • New generation display 19:9 (1080x2246), 6.2”, Notch, IPS LCD, Full HD+, 2.5D, InCell, Full Lamination, AF Protective Coating, Gorilla Glass, 1500:1 contrast
  • CPU: MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-core, 4xA73, 2.0GHz + 4xA53, 2.0GHz, 12 nm, AI Computing Power, 2xVPU for Computer Vision and AI
  • GPU: Mali-G72 MP3
  • RAM memory: 4 GB
  • Flash memory: 32 GB
  • Compatible with microSD card of up to 256GB in single SIM mode
  • Main camera: Dual Camera 16MP AF, f/2.0 + 5MP, Bokeh effect, scene recognition through AI
  • Secondary camera: 16 MP f/2.0, Bokeh effect through AI
  • Deep Face ID (IR camera and IR projector)
  • Fast fingerprint sensor
  • GPS, AGPS (Glonass, Galileo)
  • LTE-FDD and TDD connectivity, Cat 7, 4G+ SIM1 and SIM 2 simultaneously
  • USB type C
  • Wireless Charge
  • Battery: 3,000 mAh
  • SO: Android™ 8.1, Oreo
  • Visual UI 3.0 Swipe