V2 Viper e is a Dual SIM smartphone with a fresh design, suited for internet browsing, socializing, games, music and photos. A device by your side all through the day.

Vivid colored images

The 4.5 inch display offers clear, natural colors images and astonishing contrasts. .
The ONCELL Full Lamination screen is protected by a scratch resistant glass.

The performance you require

V2 Viper e is a Dual SIM smartphone equipped with a Quad Core processor and 1GB RAM memory.
It runs on Android™ 5.1, Lollipop operating system, thus providing an extremely easy to use interface.
The 8GB Flash memory is at your disposal for any files you wish to stock and you can extend the space by adding a microSD card of up to 128GB.

Capture your joyful moments

Turn the most exciting times into emotionally filled images with the 5MP photo camera with Autofocus and LED Flash.Select the most appropriate function, according to the image you want to capture.




PDF image

Exposure focus separation

Filters: the numerous available filters highlight your creativity and will support you in showcasing your artistic side
Panorama: if you are breath taken by a landscape, capture the moment into an astonishing panoramic image
HDR: use the function when the image you wish to capture is highly lightened
PDF image : capture the texts’ details, crop and adjust, giving more clarity to the words and graphics you photograph
Exposure focus separation: set the appropriate exposure for each photo at a time. Separate the exposure focus in order to control difficult scenes with backlight. A short touch of the screen sets the focus area. In order to change the exposure, press and hold on the screen and move the circle in the most suited area for your shot.

V2 Viper e V2 Viper e

Animated photos

With a simple touch, the function allows taking up to 20 successive shots which will generate a GIF file.

Selfies as you wish

Let your friends discover you in as many situations as possible. The 2MP frontal camera with the Beauty Face functions will put you in the best light for spectacular selfies.

Interface tailored for you

Always surprise the people around you with your chameleonic changes. Use one of the smartphone’s cameras to choose from the colors which surround you and customize the device’s themes with the Chameleon function. You can move the drops of colors in order to precisely choose the colors you wish in order to match with your phone.

Secure the personal photos

The photos you wish to keep away from prying eyes are being kept safe. You can crypt and keep in a private album, which you will be able to access by a password you set.

Quality sound

Connect the headphones and enjoy the quality of the DTS audio system. And if you wish switch to the next tune, all you need to do is to shake the phone. Also, the background of the audio player can be customized with your photos.

Smart gestures

V2 Viper e has special functions to easily control the device through few simple gestures. Stop the alarm by turning the phone with the screen down, turn the screen on by double tapping it or enjoy reading a book or an article, as the smart light screen function will keep it on as long as it detects you looking at it.

Children’s world

Do you use to lend the phone to children? Don’t worry about them deleting or access important files. V2 Viper e has a dedicated area for young tech passionate, in the Children’s World section. Here, they will access games or other interesting apps, set by you and age appropriate. Exiting the section can be done based on a preset password only.

Guest Mode

If you are sharing the phone with other users, this function lets you make a Home screen for a guest. Only the apps which you wish to be accessed by others. The guest users won’t be able to access the call history, messages, albums and notes, all being password secured.

Smart energy saving

V2 Viper e has two methods of extending the running time of your device: the normal mode, which activates a dark colored theme and doesn’t allow any apps to run in the background, while the extreme mode cuts down the menu to a minimalistic black and white, with basic functions access only – Calls, Contacts, Messages and Clock. On a 100% charged battery, the extreme mode provides up to 360 hours of standby time.

Always up to date

Are you taking your umbrella today? Or better the sunglasses? Check the weather for the next week, with animated audio themes, so that your mood is always good, regardless of the weather forecast.


Customize your smartphone’s interface with themes created especially for you.

V2 Viper e
V2 Viper e