Microsoft Edge, browse, note and share

tablet or netbook?

Be more productive with the new Windows 10 on your 2 in 1 device from Allview. Windows 10 introduces Microsoft Edge, the newest browser developed to deliver the best browsing experience. The new Microsoft Edge allows taking notes straight from the web page, which you can share later.

WI10N PRO represents the perfect mix between utility, elegance and performance. Perfect for the business environment, as well as for active persons, always involved in more projects at once, who require a thorough planning, WI10N PRO also suits the leisure and entertainment needs of its user.

Make the most of your display, split it into 4 apps

Snap to corners, use up to four apps at once and see them all at a glance. You can even create virtual desktops when you need more space or you want to organize info according to each project.

A single app store for all your needs

Windows 10 comes preloaded with an impressive number of apps: Maps, Photos, E-mail and calendar, music and video are only a few of them. The apps will use OneDrive in order to stock all information and sync all of your devices. Wherever you may be, you have access to the settings, information and your media library! Windows Store is the one place for all your apps, games, music or movies that you want.
Wi8G is available in two colors, with slim and elegant design, and it’s an easy to use tablet. Due to the Windows operating system and 3G connectivity, the tablet is easily turned into a mobile office, allowing you to take all files and e-mails with you, wherever you go.

Wi8G - Main features