X2 Soul lite – Your soul companion!

The elegant design perfectly fits your outfit and will always attract other`s attention. Enjoy every moment of life with Soul X2 Lite and discover the beauty of youthful design. Let yourself be accompanied by intelligence and benefits of a smartphone designed specifically for your day full of emotions and smiles!

Internet in each second

X2 Soul Lite is the gateway to the new world, a world where more than 100,000 domains are registered every day, 204 million e-mails are sent on average per day and 80,000 Facebook statuses are updated on average every minute. You will feel all the internet is all yours! Browse at 4G speeds with X2 Soul Lite and discover the multiple applications and benefits of always remaining connected!

Vividly display

The 5 inch IPS display with a HD resolution offers a wide viewing angle, a superior image clarity, a high contrast and a high brightness, with a low power consumption. The Dragontrail Glass will protect your screen from scratches and support the most avid user activities!

Perfect for relaxing

Relax and enjoy your favorite music using the X2 Soul Lite headphones and explore the high DTS quality sound output. The audio player has a modern adapted design very easy to use due to the many functions available.

The interface compatible to your style

X2 Soul Lite perfectly fits your alert lifestyle. It will help you accomplish several things simultaneously and enjoying every moment, due to the Android ™ 5.0, Lollipop operating system. The smartphone`s menu and applications will be familiar to you and you'll have a reliable assistant every day! The Chameleon function will transform each time the device into a new one by transposing the colors around you to your phone`s menu.

Discover the camera functions and photo applications!

X2 Soul Lite has two cameras, one front 5MP and main 8MP that offers both many functions and the possibility to achieve up to 1080p footage resolutions. Enjoy the clarity of the images and convert each photo into a work of art.

Unleash your imagination and discovers the camera functions:

HDR PHOTOS – Crisp and full of dazzling colors
LED FLASH – Always puts you in a good light!
FACE DETECTION – Detects faces and focuses withouht any problems
FACE BEAUTY – Always nice, always fresh!
Take Anytime – Capture all the special moments and choose the best shots
Filtre Live – Add a filter to exactly reproduce the feeling that the framework gives you

Selfies and video calls

Capture the most beautiful portraits and be constantly connected with friends via video calls. With the 5MP front camera and the face beauty function you can obtain attractive selfies and call your loved ones to share unforgettable moments wherever you are.

X2 Soul Lite can face any challenge

The X2 Soul Lite performance is monitored by your dailyy accomplishments. Rely on your device. Regardless of the challenge method the device is perfectly sustined by a 64-bit quad core processor with a 1.3GHz frequency, a Mali T720 graphics solution, a 1GB RAM memory and a Android 5.0 Lollipop system that will make the device interaction so familiar.

As energetic as you!

A single day can bring thousands of surprises and is composed of an infinite number of experiences and emotions. X2 Soul Lite assists you in any time of the day due to the energy provided by the 2400mAh battery that offers up to 25% more autonomy compared to most smartphone batteries used. You have up to 240 hours on standby and up to 625 minutes of talk time.

In addition, if you have a long day, you can always activate the Extreme mode. This function will prolong the battery's life by switching the menu into a black and white minimalist one, and providing access to basic functions like Calls, Messages, Contacts and time.

The virtual library

How many bands do you like? And TV series? What are your favorite games? How many photos are you taking on average per day?

Forget about this questions. Whatever your passions are, X2 Soul Lite gives you enough space to carry with you a virtual library as big as your imagination is. You have 8GB of flash memory and the possibility to improve it by adding a memory card up to 128GB miroSD.

The device that perfectly understands you

X2 Soul Lite is very simple to use, so simple that sometimes you don`t even have to touch it. Start it by double tapping the display or draw a letter on the lock screen and direct access the application you need. The smartphone has an intelligent lighting system, very useful when you want to relax by reading. The device detects if you are looking at the screen and keeps it on so that you can read your favorite books.

See the weather anytime

Every trip will be a great memory because you always know what clothes to take with you. Consult the Weather app and find out whether it will rain or be sunny. Depending on the weather, you will have different delightful animated themes and backgrounds sound and a weather forecast for the next days.

Customize your phone

You have several themes that can turn your phone into your wanted style. Choose the one that best suits your mood.