Force given by metal. Forged in the fire of the most exigent performance tests for resistance. Crystal clear faces and emotions inspired by water, with light and delicate touches of air. As if were born from the primordial elements, X3 Soul PRO amazes both through power and delicacy.

Simply sublime

The carefully studied details and the grandness of craft are reflected in an outstanding metal design. A single metal piece protects the back of the smartphone 100%. With a thickness of just 7mm, the device combines metal with 2.5D glass with edges whose angles and brightness resemble those of a precious diamond. The metal side parts are also antennas, increasing their efficiency without interfering with the elegant design. The frontal fingerprint sensor comes to reveal a fine design with surprising elements.

A metallic duo

X3 Soul PRO reveals itself in two colors of choice, which stand out with a subtle charm: gold and grey.

The heavy artillery of technology

X3 Soul PRO integrates the Helio P10 Octa Core processor, with cores distributed on two frequencies: 4 cores with 1.95GHz and the other 4 with 1.15GHz. The smartphone is equipped with a Mali T860 graphic processor and offers a 4GB RAM memory. The 64GB Flash memory can be extended through a microSD card of up to 128GB in Single SIM mode. Enjoy the newest version of the most popular operating system. Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow supports the new technologies and the increased security for the apps it runs.

A unique key for your secrets’ security

The door to private info stored on your phone can be accessed based on your fingerprint only, through the authentication assured by the frontal Easy Fingerprint sensor. You can also decide to allow other people in, as they can register their fingerprint in order to be recognized as such.

Multilevel Touch – acknowledges the force of your touch

Your touch can be more powerful or rather delicate. The Multilevel Touch lets you customize different levels of pressure applied on the display, in order to shorten the way to the most used apps. For instance, a light touch will open the desired app, while a more powerful touch will lead you straight to the menu of the same app.

Closer to what you need

Did you ever think that your touch can bring to life images who seem plain and simple? X3 Soul PRO will amaze you in this matter also. Discover all the images which you can animate in the background of your smartphone through a simple long press.

Images brought to life by a simply touch

Did you ever think that your touch can bring to life images who seem plain and simple? X3 Soul PRO will amaze you in this matter also. Discover all the images which you can animate in the background of your smartphone through a simple long press.


Did you ever think that special effects worthy of a professional would make your videos sparkle? And without fancy, complicated or expensive software, nor a PC to download your movies to. X3 Soul PRO comes with the Video Editor app and allows adding video themes, according to the mood of the video and the desired effects: disco, fashion, old movies, romantic, or no limit. In the professional mode, you can cut out pieces from the video, you can apply different filters, watermarks, texts on images or various transition effects between frames.

Laser Focus

The latest generation Laser Focus technology ensures a quick autofocus with an improved quality compared to the classic version. The laser records the distance to the object being shot and provides clarity even in low light conditions.

Pick the scene, the rest is a piece of cake

Amateur or professional photographer? Either way, you can surpass unthinkable limits to get that perfect shot. The main 16MP S5K3P3 camera with Autofocus and LED Flash has 6 lenses and sapphire protection for increased resistance to scratches. The f/1.8 aperture ensures bright, colorful images, even in low light. Furthermore, the Isocell technology significantly reduces the colors interference, by adding physical barriers between pixels. Thus, the colors are reproduces in images with a high fidelity rate.

Puts you in a good light

Low light doesn’t see photo friendly? Not the case with X3 Soul PRO.

The main 16MP camera uses an innovative type RWB (red, white, blue) pixels structure which, compared to the classic RGB (red, green, blue) solution, reduces the noise with up to 80% in low light conditions. In the same light conditions, , the sensor’s sensitivity increases with 40%.. As a result, you will get photos with up to 23% less storage space, without compromising on quality.

Flash Selfie

A selfie taken during night time or in low light conditions is not a hopeless case. X3 Soul PRO will amaze you with the brightness of selfies, without you being bothered by any bright light. Once you turn on the Fill Light functions, the screen is lightened once the frontal camera is turned on; the result is a perfect selfie. By turning on the Face Beauty function, the skin ton on the entire body will be evened, not just on the face being photographed.

USB type C

Connecting to any other device is quick and simple. The USB type C, with reversible design will ease connecting the device, regardless of your handiness.

Mesmerized by the sound waves

Get into the groove! The maximum sound intensity offered by X3 Soul PRO goes over 90db for an unforgettable experience, which can start a party at any time. The DTS technology offers clarity and fidelity of sound.

Color revery

The 5.5’’ Amoled® Full HD display will take your breath away with intense, hard to resist colors. The touchscreen is integrated in the LCD’s structure, due to the On-cell technology, leading to the decrease of the device’s thickness and offering large viewing angles. The screen is protected from scratches through the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

Addicted to speed

The 4G Cat 6 connectivity provides double speeds versus the Cat 4 standard. Enjoy download speeds of up to 300Mbps due to the 4G Dual Mode connectivity in TDD and FDD standards, alternatively, on both incorporated SIMs. Be advised that the excessive speed of the X3 Soul PRO device can be addictive and going back to previous standards might be impossible.

  • 4G Cat. 6
    300 Mbps
  • 4G Standard
    150 Mbps


Are you looking for the most original ways to reinvent yourself? You will probably want to do the same with your smartphone. The interface can be adjusted to your mood, looks or the environment you are in. With the Chameleon functions you can identify through the camera the color you wish to keep closest.

Always by your side

The 3,000mAh type SDI battery ensures a considerable autonomy compared to the reduced thickness of the device, performance due to the OS optimization, the latest generation processor which is high performant and with an optimal energy consumption, and the Amoled® display. You get up to 920 minutes of talk time and up to 300 hours standby time. Moreover, by turning on the smart saving energy mode, you get an extra autonomy.

Normal mode activates a dark colored theme to optimize the energy consumption. The Green Background option shuts down the background apps, thus extending the running time of the device.
Extreme mode grants access to basic phone functions only: Calls, Messages, Contacts and Clock, through a minimal black and white theme. The smartphone’s autonomy will be thus extended to up to 318 hours on a battery charged 100%.

Dive into
a triangle of senses:
see, hear, feel!

Do you feel the heartbeat accelerating and adrenaline kicking in while you are enjoying your favorite game? X3 Soul PRO feels the game with the same intensity as you do.
Due to the haptic feedback, the smartphone will communicate the impact of your actions through different vibrations, thus adding an extra real feel to your experience with the device.

Enjoy the movies!

It’s much easier and fun to watch movies or videos on X3 Soul PRO. Choose the auto rotate function or the screen lock, select background noise cancellation or watch the videos in a floating window with reduced sizes, which you can move anywhere on the screen.

Data safety

The photos erased by mistake are not lost for good! They will be kept in a special recycle folder from where they will be permanently deleted after one week. As well, your private photos will be safe from prying eyes in the private gallery, accessible through fingerprint. The same safety measurements apply in the case of documents kept in hidden folders.

Easy to use with one hand

Turn on the one hand usage mode to reduce the active screen surface and handle the smartphone more easily.

Smart gestures

Smart signs lead you straight to the desired app. Draw a letter on the black screen and it will lead you to the associated app. For instance, letter C will quickly turn in the camera and capture 5 consecutive shots at a glance. Make sure you won’t miss any memorable moment!

Tech for kids, according to their needs

Keep your files safe from the kids reach. As they become more drawn to technology, it’s important to set the according boundaries. X3 Soul PRO offers a dedicated section for little ones, which can be customized with the desired apps. Time spent here can also be pre-set and exit from this area is possible based on password only.

What will the weather be like?

You may be weather sensitive or just need to keep in touch with the forecasts? X3 Soul PRO comes with a special weather app with animated themes and relaxing sounds. It will bring a smile on your face even when it pouring outside and you are getting ready for holidays.

Vibrates to your rhythm

A customized vibration? Of course, you have various to choose from, so that you are notified each time some news come along. Moreover, you can even create a new vibrating effect yourself.

It respects your quiet moments

Had enough of the phone ringing at night or weekends? Want to disconnect? Go for the Do not disturb profile to stay away from calls or annoying notifications. You can set the green light for some contacts or take calls which repeat in a 15 minutes timeframe.

Keep audio memories

Use the Super Sound Recorder function to record memorable talks, conferences or even nature sounds. You have some customized settings for any circumstance: HD recording, conference, outdoor mode or interview. Just listen!


** Corning® Gorilla® trade mark of Corning Incorporated

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