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A projector always at hand

Light, slim and portable, the X4 Vision smartphone is equipped with a high definition projector, which can be used for educational, business or leisure purposes. The projections is built up by almost 30 million pixels per second. The metal case provides the comfort and safety in daily usage.

Allview X4 Vision

Laser projector,
the new technology in projection

Lower temperature and energy consumption
Due to the lack of the projection lamp, necessary in other projectors types (DLP or LCD).

High contrast rate and a more intense black.
The contrast rate is improved compared to the other technologies: 5000:1 vs 400:1 on a similar model using DLP technology.

Unlimited function time.
In the case of DLP or LCD projectors, the projection lamp need to be changed after a limited number of hours.

Perfect focus, regardless the distance and surface.
No classic lenses are used, like in other projecting systems.

High contrast 5000:1

Black is more enhanced, white is brighter. The light beam positions the image’s pixels with high precision, so every detail is highlighted.

Allview X4 Vision

Auto image adjustment

As perpendicular projection on a surface might not always be possible, X4 Vision applies a smart auto correction to the image, so you get a perfect projection, rectangular, all the time.

Allview X4 Vision

Slim metallic body
Included projection support

The support is small and useful, so that you can take it everywhere, even in your coat pocket. Use it with your smartphone and position it on a plane surface. The 10mm thickness is one of the advantages of the smartphone with incorporated laser projector. Did you ever think you could have your own projector in a case that slim?

Allview X4 Vision
Allview X4 Vision

Wide range of natural colors

Images look spectacular, the displayed colors are real and the dark/light areas are much more enhanced due to the wide range of colors (150% NTSC).

Allview X4 Vision

You set the size
of the projection screen

According to the distance between the smartphone and the projection area, the size of the projected image can vary, from 20’’ to 200’’. We guarantee the same image quality, even at maximum size.

Dedicated interface for the projector

You can easily access all the features of the projector. Due to the dedicated interface, you can quickly turn on the projector and play movies or documents. The projector’s assistant will help you discover all its features.

Allview X4 Vision

More fun

Scan the QR codes of the favorite games and you can play them offline, on the same screen, with your family or friends.

Turn the phone into a touchpad

Present, edit and project any moment that counts for you. The black screen control function turns the phone into a touch pad for the presentation you are projecting. Through a single touch of the display, you can run slides and play videos, while adding a Bluetooth keyboard, you can even edit the presentation or the documents you are projecting.

Allview X4 Vision

You’re in control!

Scan the QR code with another phone and you will be able to control the MEMS laser projector. You can browse from one page of the presentation to another and even make notes on the presentations and documents you are projecting.

Extra care for
you and loved ones!

Due to the advanced technology we have implemented into this device, the children’s eyes are protected during the projection. The integrated projector provides a diffused image reflection and a lower light, not harming the eyes. A lower usage of the artificial light during the projection protects the sight of the little ones.

Allview X4 Vision
Allview X4 Soul Infinity Plus


How many times did you happen to be driving and needed to send an urgent message? Or call a person you are on your way to and let them know you are running late? You don’t need to put your life at risk doing all these while driving.

Allview X4 Vision

Low energy consumption

The 4,000mAh combined with the MEMS projection ensures the 3.5 hours of continuous playback autonomy for the X4 Soul Vision smartphone. Compared to the LED and DLP projectors, the MEMS laser projector has a very low energy consumption level.

Allview P9 Energy Allview P9 Energy

Clear images during
pe day time and night time.

Due to the performant light sensor, you get a superior display clarity in the sunlight and a less bright luminosity during nighttime. The 5.5’’ IPS LCD FHD display, INCELL, with full lamination is protected by the scratch resistant glass providing an outstanding contrast and wide viewing angle.

Allview X4 Vision Allview X4 Vision

Dual connectivity

X4 Soul Vision is equipped with 2 SIM slots and provides 4G Dual Mode connectivity in both FDD and TDD standards. Moreover, both SIMs can work in 3G frequency.

Allview X4 Vision

Safetycomes first.

The access to the info from your phone can be done based on your password only. Your documents and all personal data are safe and unlocking the phone is done in a blink of an eye.

Allview X4 Vision

Increased performance.

The Octa Core processor with performances that rise to your expectations is supported by a 3GB RAM memory and 32GB Flash memory.

Allview X4 Vision

13MP main camera with AF and PDAF

X4 Vision is equipped with a main 13MP camera with AF and PDAF. The camera’s technology allows high speed captures, increase sensitivity and low image noise.

Allview X4 Vision
Allview X4 Vision
Allview X4 Vision
Allview X4 Vision

Choose from one of the 13MP main camera features and you will be able to transform any memory in an unforgettable one, to look at over and over again.

PANORAMA - Discover and capture unforgettable landscapes from a new perspective, with increased clarity and a high color contrast.

PROFESSIONAL - Adjust the settings according to the desired effect and the photo conditions. Go for pictures in different light conditions, realistic ones, taken to a new artistic level.

NIGHT PHOTO - Now you can capture amazing images in light conditions which will challenge your photo skills and put the 13MP with autofocus and face recognition to the test. Capture unforgettable sunsets or night urban landscapes with the help of the Night Photo of the X4 Vision smartphone.

HDR - For a realistic visual experience, the main camera’s HDR feature allows you to capture high contrast images, with a larger spectrum of colors and a perfect luminosity, only in pictures shot with the X4 Vision smartphone.

Allview X4 Vision

8MP frontal camera

Don’t miss the opportunity of capturing truly important moments, hobby or family related, all these with the frontal 8MP camera.

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