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5.5 inch Full HD display protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, unibody design, 2.15 GHz Snapdragon processor, 16 MP rear camera, 8 MP front camera, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB flash memory, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth and GPS, NFC, Yamaha audio amplifier, DTS sound through headphones - all these powerful features guarantee a great user experience.

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Xtremely elegant

Elegance, style and sophistication in a device that will delight you! The case with unibody design (made from a single piece CNC technology) gives the smartphone extra flexibility and increased durability. The slightly curved design turns any use into a pleasant experience.

Edge to Edge

Xtreme X1 has an edge to edge screen,. The display represents 77.5% of the front surface of the device (the frame side is only 2.4 mm thick). Currently, Xtreme X1 is in the top 10 Edge to Edge smartphones.

Xtremely generous

Admire the fascinating colors of your photos, watch Full HD videos on large 5.5 inch screen. Let yourself be impressed by the JDI IPS Full HD display that offers superior image clarity, a wide viewing angle and high brightness, all with lower power consumption. The display is protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, which provides scratch resistance 20 times higher than the previous version.

Xtremely powerful

With the 2,15 Ghz Quad Core snapdragon 800 processor, one of the most powerful processors on the market at the moment, supported by 3GB RAM and 450 Mhz Adeno GPU, browsing, multitasking and gaming become a pleasure. The 32 GB Flash memory provides space for you to store all that's important to you: photos with your loved ones, the latest music or your favorite movies.

Xtremely useful: NFC technology

Every minute is precious, and X1 Xtreme will help you save time. The smartphone is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication), a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. NFC tags contain small microchips with little aerials which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device, such as a mobile phone. NFC tags are small stickers, which contain a small unpowered NFC chip. Depending on how the tag is programmed, it can change various settings, launch apps and perform certain actions just by holding your phone close to it. To do this, the tag takes a small amount of power from the smartphone and sends its stored information onto it.

Here are some ways to use NFC technology:

  • At home

Stick an NFC tag near your entrance door and let it do things, such as enabling yourWi-Fi, disabling 3G connection, decrease brightness, disable Bluetooth. You can program the tag to "switch," so that when you exit your house and tap the tag for the second time, it changes those settings (like disabling Wi-Fi)

  • In the car

If you have a bluetooth compatible car radio or headset in your car, then an NFC tag will certainly make your life easier. Let it turn on your bluetooth so your smartphone automatically connects to your radio or headset and let it play your favorite playlist. Do you use your phone's GPS to navigate? Use a tag to turn on Google Maps and disable turning of the screen while charging.

  • Before going to sleep

Place a tag near the night table and program it to disable sounds, enable any alarms, disable auto-sync, disable the notification LED, and decrease the brightness.

  • At the office

Touch an NFC tag at your desk to put your phone in silent mode, to disable wi-fi and to enable Bluetooth.

Xtremely sharp pictures

With Xtreme X1, you can forget your classic camera. The beach at sunset, the city lights at night, the clouds seen from the airplane, the concert of your favorite band, a family dinner, a birthday with friends- all these moments can be captured using the most advanced camera that an Allview device ever had- 16MP OV16825 Omnivision. For great selfies or video-chatting with friends you can use the 8MP front camera with autofocus. The rear camera provides Full HD video recording and has a number of ingenious, funny and easy to use functions. Discover them below:

Intuitive interface

X1 Xtreme provides a powerful imaging software with an intuitive user interface that lets you take pictures whether the way you want whether you are an amateur or a professional. Professional Mode lets change white balance, ISO value and settings to get the perfect image. The Auto Mode in the camera automatically adjusts to the lighting condition around you and applies the correct mode to take the perfect picture.

Intelligent gallery

Photo galleries are grouped according to time, place or people that appear in the image. So, you can relive the beautiful moments wherever you are. Each subfolder displays your latest photos recorded.

There are 4 ways of taking a picture

    • Normal mode:

    By pressing the "photo" icon on the display

    • By touching the display:

    The classic way to take pictures

    • Smile detection:

    When activating smile detection, the camera automatically takes pictures when people smile. So you can capture the most spontaneous and natural smiles

    • V Gesture:

    If enabled, the camera automatically triggers if you make the V sign with your fingers.

HDR Photos

Photos that previously could only be achieved using a professional camera or an editing software are now possible through the mechanism of HDR (High Dynamic Range) shooting, which accurately represents the diversity of colors in a setting where shadows and sunshine appear in the same time, restoring the big brightness differences existing in nature.

Sports mode

Every moment is unique, and you will never miss one, because in only 21 seconds the camera is able to shoot 99 pictures.


You can remove the moving elements from the background of the pictures, for obtaining the images you want.

Panoramic photo

Stunning landscapes that don't fit into a single picture? You can forget about that, because now you can capture pictures that offer you a visual field up to 360 degrees.

Full HD video recording

You can record the moments you spend with your beloved ones at great Full HD quality and turn them into precious memories. To be sure that you will never miss an important moment, you can take pictures while recording.


Charm Cam is an in-built camera application that comes with 8 preset modes that let you have fun while shooting great pictures. There various color and filter effects that you can apply prior to taking images.

  • 12 beauty effects

    Portraits can be easily touched up with the help of 12 beauty effects. So you can be sure that you will look great in every picture.

  • Professional Makeup

    Women will love X1 Xtreme because the camera has a function that allows you applying makeup on pictures! You can choose a wide range of colors for the lipstick, foundation and cheek color to reflect your wishes exactly. There are 12 types of makeup available. You can also apply makeup on faces in a group picture.

  • Presentation mode

    You can shoot from any angle anything you have written or drawn on a sheet of paper or a whiteboard. The image is straightened and thus you will never miss any important information. It is a very useful function in the business area.

Xtremely clear sound

Enjoy your favorite songs with high quality sound. Thanks to the Yamaha audio amplifier and the DTS system, you will get an unique sound experience. You can change songs in your playlist by shaking the phone. In addition, the headphones that are included ensure extremely high fidelity sound. Thanks to HD Voice technology, phone calls become a pleasure wherever you are. The device's got 3 Mic noise reduction system that helps capture great sound while recording video or when you are simply recording a meeting or a lecture.

Xtremely intelligent features

Smart Gesture

Turn to mute: You can turn the phone face down to mute an incoming call
Turn to snooze mode:As the alarm is ringing you can put the alarm into snooze mode by turning the phone face down.
Smart dial: When you're in a message, hold the phone close to your ear and the person who sent you the sms will be called automatically
Smart answer: You can answer calls by simply put the phone to your ear. When you receive calls you can't aswer, you swipe to the right for sending the caller an sms or to the left for ingoring the call

Security features

Guest mode: if your friends want to borrow your smartphone, they are given a completely separate session with separate home screens and logins from the main account.
Custom lock screen: You can protect your phone by creating a personal screen locking model or through voice command

Useful Features

Fake Call: The feature simulates an incoming call. It may be very useful in situations when you want to escape from a boring meeting, claiming that you have received an urgent call

Fast Menu: with a simple swipe to the right from the home screen you can acces camera, fake call, flashlight and voice recorder.

Dynamic Wallpaper: a single wallpaper is not enough for you? You can select multiple images that will change to an interval set by you.

Use your phone with gloves: now, you no longer have to freeze when you use your gadget in winter. You can enable or disable this feature depending on your preference.

Double Tap to wake: The function allows you to open the display by doble tap on the screen

Black screen gesture: The camera turns on automatically when you draw a "C" on the locked screen

Floating video: thank to this feature, your favorite video will remain permanently on the screen while you communicate on social networks or surf the internet

Weather App: Each trip will remain a beautiful memory, because you will always know what clothes to put in your luggage. Consult the Weather app and find out if it will rain or be sunny. Depending on the weather, there are many themes and delightful soundtracks.

Xtremely good connectivity

Wherever you are, you will have access to the internet to communicate with your loved ones, to be in touch with the latest news or to search for the information you need.

3G: Everything is just a click away, because you can connect to the internet via 3G HSPA+
Dual band wi-fi: gives you double speed transfer
GPS with Glonass support: facilitates a faster and more accurate positioning.
Bluetooth: you can connect your phone to other devices (multifunctional, speakers, etc.) or you can share files with your friends
USB connectivity: enables fast data transfer.

Xtreme performance

X1 Xtreme is the best! On AnTuTu Benchmark, it the phone scored more than 34.700 points, leaving all the other phones behind! AnTuTu Benchmark is free benchmarking app that helps users know deeper into their Android devices through hard numbers and solid facts. Besides the professional and wildly popular benchmarking matrix, users can compare their own device with other popular devices that may also have powerful hardware performance.

Discover the technologies applied and camera functions

Technologies applied

Unibody design

Tightened cover. Elegant lines. Increased endurance. Thin borders. A device with an unibody design uses a single piece of material for the body and screen enclosure. The unibody design makes a device more elegant and slim, and brings more stability. The SIM card compartment can be accessed from the exterior of the cover. The internal carriage is made of magnesium, a material that offers a higher mechanical endurance and a higher rigidity, maintaining a low weight.

JDI display (Japan Display Inc.)

The JDI company - founded by Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba - is the largest manufacturer of screens for mobile devices in the world. X1 Xtreme is equipped with one of the most revolutionary JDI screens. It offers an impressive resolution, a wide viewing angle, a higher PPI and optimized energy consumption.

Full Lamination Tehnology

Reducing the thickness of the phone has been possible thanks to the use of complete rolling technology for the construction of the screen. The new technology helps reducing the brightness by 10% for clear and bright images at low energy consumption.

SDI battery (embedded)

The battery of X1 Xtreme is made on the latest generation SDI platform. That means an up to 30% higher capacity than conventional batteries of the same size, and a longer battery life.

LTPS technology (Low Temperature Poly Silicon LCD)

This new approach in the construction of LCD screens allows a higher density of pixels thanks to the polycrystalline silicon transistors display structure. That means a faster response of the display, a lower junction temperature and low energy consumption.

CABC (Content Adaptive Brightness / Backlight Control)

The CABC add intelligence to the X1 Xtreme display.The backlight is reduced according to the image rendered on the display. Thus, energy consumption is reduced by up to 30%.

Computer Numerical Tehnology (CNC)

X1 Xtreme is the perfect combination between the accuracy of computers and the know-how of the specialists. The cover of the smartphone was built using the CNC technology- 100% automatic. The quality of the materials was carefully evaluated by engineers, so that no compromise was made. This can be noticed by looking at the phone from any angle.

Omnivision OV16825 camera

The Omnivision 16 MP has a 1,21 cm2 sensor size and is equipped with an 8 lens optical system with UV and anti-glare filter. The 1,34um pixels offer excelent performance even in low light conditions. The LED flash provides light intensity 60% greater than conventional LEDs, the light flash being 50% better standardized

Allview X1 Xtreme

5.5 inch Full HD display protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, unibody design, 2.15 GHz Snapdragon processor, 16 MP rear camera, 8 MP front camera, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB flash memory, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth and GPS, NFC, Yamaha audio amplifier, DTS sound through headphones - all these powerful features guarantee a great user experience.

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