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Extrawarranty (Extra 2+1 years)

Allview Extrawarranty insures one year of warranty for your product after the end of the standard period of warranty coverage . This service is optional and can be purchased by any client, individual or company, who buys Allview products from Allview website. Allview extrawarranty can be purchased in maximum one month after the purchase of an Allview device...


Complete Warranty

Insure your product by buying of the Allview All Inclusive Warranty for a period of 2 years. By chossing this type of warranty you will have free of charge repair for any functional deficiency of the product during insured period. In addition, if by the end of the insured period the product did not require intervetions induced by your fault, you will get bonus an extra year ...


New products

Soul X5 Pro

1 Review(s)
329.00 €

X4 Soul Mini 2GB

Regular Price: 179.00 €

Now only: 119.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity S

Regular Price: 269.00 €

Now only: 179.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity Plus

Regular Price: 449.00 €

Now only: 329.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity N

Regular Price: 299.00 €

Now only: 199.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity L

Regular Price: 219.00 €

Now only: 129.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity Z

Regular Price: 329.00 €

Now only: 229.00 €

X4 Xtreme

1 Review(s)

Regular Price: 399.00 €

Now only: 345.00 €


129.00 €

P9 Energy S

Regular Price: 249.00 €

Now only: 179.00 €


The new Soul X5 Pro, AI and its applied features

8/9/2018  |  News

Hints for ergonomics and optimized user experience of the new Soul X5 Pro smartphone

To make the most of the features and qualities of the Soul X5 Pro, Allview brings a new section of hints and tips for easier and more efficient use of the new device.

Among the advantages and improvements brought by the new AI to the new Soul X5 Pro...

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Allview launches the first hybrid smartwatch from its portfolio

8/3/2018  |  News

02.08.2018 - Allview, the European smartphone and tablets brand, will launch this month the first hybrid smartwatch from its portfolio.

The company prepares a new range of smartwatches for users and meets their everyday needs with a unique product. It's a new hybrid smartwatch, equipped with a round....

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Soul X5 - a new Allview phone with artificial intelligence, accessible to everyone

7/25/2018  |  News

Allview prepares a new smartphone, accessible to everyone, which will benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence and will include some of the important features of the Soul X5 Pro smartphone.

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