Extrawarranty (Extra 2+1 years)

Allview Extrawarranty insures one year of warranty for your product after the end of the standard period of warranty coverage . This service is optional and can be purchased by any client, individual or company, who buys Allview products from Allview website. Allview extrawarranty can be purchased in maximum one month after the purchase of an Allview device...


Complete Warranty

Insure your product by buying of the Allview All Inclusive Warranty for a period of 2 years. By chossing this type of warranty you will have free of charge repair for any functional deficiency of the product during insured period. In addition, if by the end of the insured period the product did not require intervetions induced by your fault, you will get bonus an extra year ...


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X4 Soul Infinity S

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Now only: 169.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity Plus

Regular Price: 449.00 €

Now only: 289.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity Z

Regular Price: 329.00 €

Now only: 209.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity N

Regular Price: 299.00 €

Now only: 189.00 €

X4 Soul Infinity L

Regular Price: 219.00 €

Now only: 139.00 €

X4 Soul Vision

Regular Price: 499.00 €

Now only: 359.00 €

X4 Xtreme

Regular Price: 399.00 €

Now only: 249.00 €


149.00 €


Soul X5 Pro, the upcoming Allview flagship, will integrate the newest MediaTek Helio P60 processor

4/17/2018  |  News

17.04.2018 – Soul X5 Pro, the upcoming flagship from the Allview brand, will integrate the newest advanced MediaTek processor Helio P60. Thus, Allview will bring higher performances and premium technology closer to its customers.

Soul X5 Pro will bring improved performances compared to the ....

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X5 Soul – the first smartphone in Romania which integrates the Deep Face ID technology on an Android operating system

3/26/2018  |  News

26.03.2017 – X5 Soul, the upcoming Allview flagship, will integrate the safest protection technology for a smartphone: the advanced face recognition (Deep Face ID), thus becoming the first smartphone from the Allview portfolio with this feature. With the introduction of this technology....

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Allview news at MWC Barcelona 2018: shopping, entertainment and smart home, controlled through the AVI voice assistant that can integrate up to 100 languages

2/27/2018  |  News

27.02.2018 – Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, presented its latest news at MWC Barcelona 2018, one of the biggest worldwide IT&C congress. Allview introduced a new smart concept developed around the AVI voice assistant, which can integrate up to 100 languages.... 

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