Products sold through Allview Site have 24 months warranty unless specified otherwise. As for accessories (such as batteries charger, headset, covers...), they carry a 6 months warranty.

Warranty must be accompanied by the invoice/receipt of purchase and represents a proof of purchase. 

All parts replaced during the warranty period become the property of Visual Fan S.A..

The cancellation of the products’ warranty occurs in the following cases: (a) failure by the Purchaser to observe the conditions of handling, transport, storage, commissioning, operation, and maintenance provided in the documentation accompanying the product (b) mechanical, thermal, or plastic damage caused by fire, accidents of any kind, vibration, weathering, or neglect of use (c) operation outside the parameters approved by the manufacturer (d) using other accessories and parts than those approved by SC Visual Fan S.A. (e) product changes, including unauthorized interference on the software provided, other than the officially made available by the manufacturer (f) interventions on product by anyone other than the SC Visual Fan S.A. or designated service centers (g) if the product shows traces of contact with the liquid (parts oxidized) (h) defects of any kind incurred as a result of normal wear from using the product.

Visual Fan S.A. is not responsible for loss or damage of data or programs.

Visual Fan S.A. is not responsible for profit loss, data loss, secondary damage, or other damage caused by failed due to low performance of the products or services because of the products.

For repairs, you should contact us at ticket.allviewmobile.com. For repairs performed outside the warranty, Visual Fan S.A. will not support the payment of transport and repair.