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Soul X5, the terminal that delivers smart solutions

8/16/2018  |  News

16.08.2018 - Soul X5, the Allview brand's upcoming Soul range terminal, will provide users with smart camera solutions for both the main and the secondary camera, but also for the user experience.

The main camera comes with a 16MP + 5MP dual system with a f/2.0 aperture. Thanks to neural technology, the main camera of the Soul X5 will be able to recognize photo scenes...

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The new Soul X5 Pro, AI and its applied features

8/9/2018  |  News

Hints for ergonomics and optimized user experience of the new Soul X5 Pro smartphone

To make the most of the features and qualities of the Soul X5 Pro, Allview brings a new section of hints and tips for easier and more efficient use of the new device.

Among the advantages and improvements brought by the new AI to the new Soul X5 Pro...

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Allview launches the first hybrid smartwatch from its portfolio

8/3/2018  |  News

02.08.2018 - Allview, the European smartphone and tablets brand, will launch this month the first hybrid smartwatch from its portfolio.

The company prepares a new range of smartwatches for users and meets their everyday needs with a unique product. It's a new hybrid smartwatch, equipped with a round....

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Soul X5 - a new Allview phone with artificial intelligence, accessible to everyone

7/25/2018  |  News

Allview prepares a new smartphone, accessible to everyone, which will benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence and will include some of the important features of the Soul X5 Pro smartphone.

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Allview launches its new flagship, Soul X5 PRO

6/19/2018  |  News

19.06.2018- Allview, the European smartphone and tablets brand, announces Soul X5 PRO, its new flagship - the company's first terminal that has neural technology and allows unlocking through facial recognition (Deep Face ID)...

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Soul X5 Pro: the new System Manager based on AI and its benefits

6/13/2018  |  News

14.06.2018 – Soul X5 Pro, the upcoming Allview flagship, with a 12nm processor based on NeuroPilot, Core Pilot ™ and integrated AI, offers the user one of the most optimized operating systems on the market.

Memory resource efficiency, smart application management, and data traffic optimization will be possible ...

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Allview Soul X5 Pro with or without notch?

6/7/2018  |  News

07.06.2018 – In June, Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brands, presents a new modern UI, tailored to latest market’s trends and users needs.

For a more enjoyable and easy experience, the simple swipe gesture replaces the classic navigation bar and makes this terminal very easy to use, while the display area becomes....

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Allview launches A9 Plus, the first phone with Android Go

5/31/2018  |  News

31.05.2018 – Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, announces A9 Plus, the first smartphone with Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition) operating system dedicated for entry level terminals.

The new Android ™ Oreo ™ (Go edition) operating system is designed for devices with less internal memory – under...

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Soul X5 Pro, dual camera with AI software for performant night time photos

5/23/2018  |  News

23.05.2018 – Soul X5 Pro, the Allview upcoming flagship, will integrate a dual camera which will deliver spectacular images, even in the dark, thanks to its dedicated neural technology for artificial intelligence (AI) from the new MediaTek Helio P60 processor....

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Allview introduces RCS Google™ messaging service on 19 terminals, available in Orange and Vodafone networks

5/17/2018  |  News

17.05.2018 – Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, introduces the Google Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging services on 19 of the company’s terminals. The service can be accessed from Orange and Vodafone networks. This implementation is the result of the ....

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