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Allview V4 Viper series

9/24/2019  |  News

Ergonomics, elegance and a complete vision

Allview launches the V4 Viper series that includes two compact terminals, described through ergonomics and a wide viewing experience.

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Superphoto with Allview Soul X6 Xtreme

8/23/2019  |  News

Allview released a software update for the Soul X6 Xtreme flagship, which focuses on improving photo/video capabilities and protecting the front camera....


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VIVA HOME- new ways of using technology

7/18/2019  |  News

Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, launches Viva Home, a product that revolutionizes user interaction with such devices.

Viva Home is an impressive size tablet with a 17.3" LCD display with new features...

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X6 Xtreme – maximum visual experience, through the integration of smart technologies

5/30/2019  |  News

The new X6 Xtreme has overcome barriers that have so far stood in the way of integrating a full-view display, finding innovative solutions to integrate cameras, sensors and audio receiver....

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Soul X6 Mini - the device that perfectly combines the advantages of a successful phone

5/14/2019  |  News

Allview adds the Soul X6 mini to its X6 series, a terminal specially tailored for those who in search of a trending phone designed to meet their needs and preferences.

The AI processor, generous display, performant cameras and extended autonomy are the strengths of the new terminal...

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X6 Xtreme - Inspired by the future, created especially for you

4/23/2019  |  News

Allview launches the Soul X6 Xtreme flagship, a terminal that combines technological innovation with user expectations and uses artificial intelligence to create memorable experiences...

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Easter Holidays promo by Allview

4/12/2019  |  News

-Allview Soul range available at special prices-

The Allview brand launches a unique Easter campaign with special offers for the Soul range, but also for other product categories...

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Allview reveals new details of the X6 series. The upcoming X6 range will include three models: Xtreme, Vision and Mini.

3/29/2019  |  News

After participating in the MWC 2019, where the future X6 Xtreme flagship was presented, Allview reveals additional details about the upcoming X6 series. According to the Romanian manufacturer, it will include three ...

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X6 Xtreme with wireless charging: carry on with your plans.

3/15/2019  |  News

Designed for top user experience, the new Allview flagship features a wireless charging system. X6 Xtreme is easily placed on any wireless charger, and recharging is easy, no matter where you are, at the office, in the car or at home...

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Allview X6 Xtreme –MediaTek Helio P70 processor

3/7/2019  |  News

X6 Xtreme, the new Allview flagship, will be equipped with the MediaTek Helio P70 processor, the latest generation solution, capable of superior performances...

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