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Allview launches Allwatch – the smartwatch that listens to your heart

11/22/2016  |  News

Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, present on the market for over 11 years, presents Allwatch, the first smart watch from its portfolio. Allwatch is an accessory designed for active persons, interested in a healthy lifestyle.

”The fast forward lifestyle we are experiencing nowadays often leads to us believing that time has turned into our fiercest enemy. We believe that technology helps us turn time in our favor and, in order to do so, we need to be more concerned about our health. Allwatch is a device which can be used day and night, ensuring a real time precise image on two of the things which can help improve our lives: sports and rest”, stated Lucian Peticila, Allview General Manager.  


Made of stainless steel, Allwatch has a sport design which follows the wrist line for increased comfort. The display measures 1.28 inch and is a little over 8mm thick. The 2.5D glass screen is nice to touch, while the wristband is suited for longer usage. In accordance with IP67 standard, Allwatch is water resistant, up to 1 meter depth, for as long as 30 minutes. Moreover, the device’s seals provides total dust protection, while the shock resistant materials increase its durability.


Allwatch is equipped with sensors which allow permanent monitoring of the heart beats, with a high accuracy level. According to the registered heart rate, the Allwatch users can better adjust the effort while training, in order to reach the sought for effects: keeping or improving overall health, increase physical resistance and burn fat, improving and grow sports performance. Allwatch records the results for 24 different sports, and the user can manually add other similar activities.  


As well, the watch prompts the user in the case he/she spent too much time sitting and needs some exercise. 


Worn during the night, Allwatch monitors sleep and resumes the information in the smartphone’s app, so that the users precisely knows the number of hours of deep or light sleep, or how much time he/she spent awake.


Compatible with the Android operating system, Allwatch syncs with the smartphone and will prompt the user about messages, notifications or missed calls.


The Allwatch smart watch is equipped with a Dual-Core chip, optimized for increased autonomy. The Memory LCD stands out with a low energy consumption, of up to 970 times less compared to a LCD standard. The battery provides up to 7 days of usage and around 10 days standby time. The battery’s full charge takes approximately 90 minutes through USB cable and magnetic connector. 


Allwatch is available for preorder starting today for 79 euro. Deliveries will start on December 14th 2016.


About Allview

Created in 2004, Allview brand is present on the IT&C markets from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands, Moldavia, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Estonia and Lithuania. Allview devices have a user-friendly interface, an attractive design, the latest technical features and high performance.