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Allview will launch its first voice assistant, created by the company’s research and development team

10/3/2017  |  News


X4 Soul Infinity and X4 Soul Infinity Plus will be the first terminals equipped with voice assistant


03.10.2017 - Allview, the European smartphones and tablets brand, present on the market for over 12 years, announces the launch of its first voice assistant in English, Polish and Romanian languages. Currently, Allview is working on finalizing the latest answers scenarios and the stage two of the voice assistant’s evolution. X4 Soul Infinity and X4 Soul Infinity Plus, the new range which will be launched soon, will be the first Allview terminals equipped with voice assistant.


The AI platform developed by Allview comes as a confirmation of the new development stage of the company. Allview’s activity was noticed internationally, with the recent nomination of the company in the London Stock Exchange report, in “top companies to inspire Europe”.


“We are inspired by customers who believed in us and bought Allview products to demonstrate our evolution process and that we can compete on a new market segment, on another league. We invested a lot of know-how and resources into the new Infinity products and in creating the voice assistant. According to multiple studies we have concluded that the European users want a voice assistant which they can interact with in the native language and I consider we succeeded in creating a powerful, real impactful product for the local market”, stated Lucian Peticila, Allview fonder.  


In the first stage, the Allview team integrated the most useful functions, necessary while the user is driving or wants to rapidly solve a situation without writing. The company will constantly work on new capabilities, so that the voice assistant will rapidly evolve, shortly after its launch. The users buying the phones equipped with voice assistant will constantly enjoy its benefits, as the company is ready to launch new versions of the assistant.


“We are at the point where we will be able to develop the voice assistant in any direction wewant, including launching it in various European languages, for other international markets”, added Lucian Peticila.


The Beta version of the voice assistant will be available on two terminals from the same range, X4 Soul Infinity with the new generation display of 5.7’’ and X4 Soul Infinity Plus with 6’’ display. The full specs of the new devices will be revealed in the following days.


The Allview X4 Soul Infinity trademark was registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).          


Those who wish to keep updated on this project can register on the dedicated X4 Soul Infinity page and will have access to special offers as the project is developed. 



About Allview

Created in 2004, Allview brand is present on the IT&C markets from Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands, Moldavia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia. Allview devices have a user-friendly interface, an attractive design, the latest technical features and high performance.