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X5 Soul – the first smartphone in Romania which integrates the Deep Face ID technology on an Android operating system

3/26/2018  |  News

26.03.2017 – X5 Soul, the upcoming Allview flagship, will integrate the safest protection technology for a smartphone: the advanced face recognition (Deep Face ID), thus becoming the first smartphone from the Allview portfolio with this feature. With the introduction of this technology, the phone will no longer need fingerprint recognition.


The IR camera of the new X5 Soul device is able to detect the image’s depth and is destined for face recognition. The user’s face contour is reflected with dedicated IR projector and IR proximity sensor. Furthermore, due to the artificial intelligence processing algorithms, they outline a detailed and accurate 3D map of the user's face.


The face recognition technology based on IR has multiple advantages, while the detection is equally precise in normal light conditions, as well as complete darkness. As well, if the user is wearing glasses, keeps away from sun, rain or wind, the 3D map of his face will be created with the same precision and details. On the other hand, if the user’s eyes are shut or a picture of him is being scanned, the phone cannot be accessed, thus providing a maximum data and info security.


X5 Soul will be the company’s first smartphone with neural technology and will integrated a new MediaTek processor, based on Cortex A73 architecture.


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