4G Dual SIM Smartphone FDD and TDD
6” Display Quad HD, 2560x1440px, AMOLED®, registered trademark of SAMSUNG MOBILE DISPLAY CO., LTD
CPU: Octa Core 64-bit, 2GHz, Helio X10
GPU: Power VR Rogue G6200/700MHz
OS: Android™ 5.1, Lollipop
Main Camera: 24MP, Autofocus, 4K video recording
Eraser, best picture, face beauty, HDR, Professional Mode, Lossless Zoom
Front facing camera: 8 MP Autofocus
RAM Memory: 3GB
Flash Memory: 64GB
MicroSD card: up to 128GB
Gesture mode, NFC
NXP audio amplifier, DTS, stereo speakers
Power Saver – up to 225 hours on call in Extreme Mode

X2 Xtreme

In order to activate mobile data, you need to go through these steps: Menu ->Settings -> Dual Sim Settings -> Mobile data -> selection of the SIM

In order for the internet service to work, you will need to activate the mobile data connection from the quick setting menu.

Slide from bottom to top, acces the data connection -> Checked.

In order to reset the device to the default presets, you need to follow the next steps: Menu -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Back up copy and restore -> Restore to factory settings.

To view the recently started apps it is necessary to press and hold the squared bottom key until the tabs with the recently started apps is displayed. To close them, it is necessary to swipe up on each window.

To view more information about the phone phone (Battery level, SIM status, IMEI info), access Menu>Settings>About Phone>Status.

In order to instal apps downloaded from other sources, you need to access Menu>Settings>Security>Unknown sources – Checked.

Yes, the phone launcher can be changed by using a profile app from Play Store. 

You have the possibility to change the installed launcher’s colors (according to your preference) through Chameleon app.

Menu ->Chameleon -> Preview -> Ok.

This app uses the colors around you and uses them in the Allview launcher.

The apps cannot be uninstalled, but can be deactivated, by following the next steps: Menu>Settings>Advanced settings>Apps>All>select desired app>Deactivate.

Menu>Contacts>Press the three points placed in the right of the display>Merge contacts.

In order to activate this function, you will need to make the following setting: Menu>Settings>Advance settings>Smart signs>Smart gestures(On)>Smart answer>Checked.

In order to make the backup, please foloow the next steps: Menu>Settings>Advanced settings>Backup and reset>Back up my data.

Many apps are proposed and provided by the developers without previous compatibility tests with the operating systems and hardware configurations of different product models, so there can be certain APK documents that are not totally compatible with your device.

To activate this feature you will need to do the following setting: Menu> Settings> Advanced Settings > Smart signes > Smart gestures(On) > Fast operating>Checked

By default, the shortcuts are set for camera, email and music but this can be modified with any other app (or phone contact) after you check the feature, by pressing C image (Camera) >Open app > Select the app.

Also other features can be set according to the gesture done by the customer on the lock screen (O,S,W,Z etc.).

In order to activate this feature, you will have to play a video from Gallery, by keeping the phone in a horizontal plan press the two overlapped squares from the bottom right that indicate the resizing. The image can be brought back to full screen by pressing again the same icon.

Menu ->Phone > Press the three dots from the right part of the display->Settings-> More Settings-> Call Waiting > Checked.

In order to access the DTS settings you must start the Music app, open an album and play a song; on the playing screen, on the right part you will find a symbol marked with 3 squares and a triangle. Here you will access Sound Effect and you can select the effects according to the used accessory (in ear headset, standard headset, speaker etc.)

In order to select the effects, access Volume Effects and according to your preference you have more options (Folk, Jazz etc.).

In the photo app, access Settings ->Geo Location.

To take a screenshot without using a profile app you have to simultaneously press the Power and Volume- keys.

Slide up the shortcut bar and here enable/disable the wanted option.

To turn your phone into a hotspot, follow the next steps:

Menu>Settings>More>Tethering and Portable Hotspot>Wi-Fi Hotspot>Enable.

To deactivate this feature, you need to take the next steps: Menu>Settings>Advanced Settings>Language and Input>Spell Checker>On.

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