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Allview launches Albook Q – the first notebook with a Snapdragon processor in its portfolio

12/20/2019  |  News


Allview announces the launching of the first notebook from its portfolio, equipped with a Snapdragon processor  and a Gigabyte LTE connection. With an autonomy of up to 14 hours, a weight of only 1.27 kg and a thickness of 15.1 mm, Allbook Q incorporates the advantages of a smartphone and the performances of a laptop. The device is developed on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile platform, with X16 LTE, has a 4GB RAM memory and 2.1 UFS storage of 64GB.


Always On, Always Connected Notebook

The devices created on the Qualcomm® mobile platform offer the user a new operating experience, being always ready for work. In this sense, Allbook Q perfectly integrates the concept of portability – productivity – permanent connectivity. Even in Sleep mode, Allbook Q keep the interfaces permanently connected to the Internet, so the e-mail and notifications can be checked and the information is constantly updated. Moreover, by simply lifting up the screen, the device instantly exits from the stand-by mode, thus eliminating the extra time and increasing productivity.


Connected with Gigabyte LTE

Allbook Q is capable of Gigabyte LTE speeds for mobile connections, thus offering a constant connectivity. In addition to that, Gigabyte LTE promises downloading speeds of up to 1Gbps – almost seven times faster than the average broadband speeds. The modem offers advanced connectivity, having 4CA support (4 LTE band aggregation) for different standards.


High performances and a familiar experience with Windows

The device comes with a RAM memory of 4GB DDR4X, a storage space of 64GB (UFS 2.1), two USB ports, one Type-C 3.1 and one Type 3.0. UFS 2.1 is a flash storage standard that brings a higher data transfer speed and an increased reliability, exceeding by far the SSD and eMMC storage. These benefits are translated into a multitasking without any problems, that allow the viewing of high quality videos, running more processes and apps in the background, all without functionality errors.


The device comes preinstalled with Windows® 10 Home, giving the user a wide variety of apps, so you can create, collaborate and share from anywhere.


Portability before everything

Allbook Q brings a new level of mobility in any circumstance, by being extremely light. It weighs only 1.27 kg and has a thickness of 15.1 mm. Equipped with a metallic case, which gives it resistance and durability, the device is easily used and transported.


The FHD IPS 13.3” display offers a 178o wide-angle viewing experience, covering 100% of the RGB color specter. The narrow frame is both functional and elegant. By reducing the frame width, the screen area is increased, without influencing the size of the case. Thus, the design offers a screen-case ratio of 81,2% and a bigger visual area.


For those that have a lot of ongoing projects, are always on the move and cannot afford to depend on an outlet, Allbook Q is the ideal solution. The battery autonomy of up to 14 hours offers movement freedom, so necessary these days.


Prices and availability

The 4GB RAM/64GB UFS 2.1 standard model is available for order starting today, at the recommend price of 449 Euro. According to the needs of each client, the memory capacity can be extended with a microSD card of 64, 128 or 256 GB.


For more information about Allbook Q, please visit



About Allview

Created in 2004, Allview is the number 1 autochthonous brand of smartphones and tablets from Romania. In 2010, Allview was the first company from Romania that launched a PC tablet, followed by the first smartphone under a Romanian brand, in 2011, and the first single SIM smartphone from its portfolio in 2013. In 2016 the Allview Smart Home project has diversified the company portfolio with a complex solution for home automation and monitoring. The Allview brand is present on the IT&C markets from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia. The Allview vision is offered by smart and accessible technologies, under a Romanian brand.